If you guys don’t remember,today’s the official release date of the So Nyuh‘ Photobook after so much anticipation!

While most of us here doesn’t have the books right with us now,i bet you guys are curious as to what’s hidden beneath it.
Korean fans are kind enough to share some scans and photos of the book itself. Without any further ado,check them out under the cut.

Firstly,let’s take a look at the front and back cover.



Secondly,after taking off the plastic sheet,you will realise that the covers you’ve seen as above are not that of the book itself,but rather of the case which contains it. The following are the actual covers of the book.



Thirdly,let’s compare the size of the actual book with the girls’ latest album,Run Devil Run.

Size matters in this case

Clear enough,it is really huge.

And next we have the DVD that comes along with it.

So beautiful

Ever heard of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?
Now let us just take a peek at what’s inside the book.

These are just 6 pages out of the total 354. Awesome enough,no?

Lastly,it’s time for some sneak previews of the DVD,here are a few caps.

Anyway to prevent any further spoiling any occurrence of death due to overdosing of the girls, i will just stop right here.
If you are interested in more of such,you can find them at the photos section of Soshified.
With that said,i hope all of you will get your copies soon and enjoy them!

Credits : dcinside, bestiz, baidu, Chichinhu@twitter, soompi
Posted by : zheming@snsdkorean