Edit: ADDED fancam in Singapore Flyer. So apparently..fans did stalk the Leader down and surrounded her. For real this time. Sigh.

Kidding, don’t stalk. Just read and be happy that…Taeyeon is in Singapore! (Gotta add the emphasis since 99% of our writers and CR-ers are considered the craziest of the stalking bunch..)

So a few days back, bossa747 reported on his Twitter than snsd was given a short break. Most of the girls left for a vacation and recently, word has come up that the lil kid leada has left Korea with her family. First things first, I don’t really know the extreme details about the trip so if anyone knows any facts or can correct me if I’m wrong, do drop a comment!

Here we go, under  the cut are da detailzz!

Kokokoreano–Taeyeon was spotted once at Vivo city and once at Universal Studios Singapore with her family.

Snail@soompi- Spotted @ Universal Studios Singapore on 31/5/2010

JoM- I got a friend working in Universal Studio too, got her autograph! So jealous. I just want to see her in person and say hi!! She just came into Singapore without anyone knowing, SNSD members should do that often! HAHA


She’s probably still there so if you’re lucky maybe you’ll spot her! But who’s super jealous of those that already did see her D: Sigh. I can only cry.

It’s great to know the girls are having a mini vacation  right now before they dive back into their activities again. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Edit: Word has it that Taeyeon seemed unhappy about the unwanted attention from fans, more so because she was with her parents. Sources claimed that Taeyeon even had to say “please (no cameras)” at Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel in the world. Here’s one fancam. You be the judge:

And before I end this post, word has it Tiffany is in LA! Nothing has been confirmed, but if anyone knows of anything, do share with us! 😀

Peace outtt!

Written by: Boss Lady + ruraldaze @ snsdkorean.wordpress.com

Video Credits: plzchodixxon @ YouTube.

Credits: NewbiesUnited