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Gosh, I love it when SNSD’s on Strong Heart. Acting tips, being stalked, running away, dream kisses…we get to hear all the juicy stories heheh.

So maybe the picture above isn’t really in any way related to the topic at hand, but it’s so darling and I’ve been waiting for a chance to use it. And if the article has Hyo, why not use the Hyo pics!? šŸ˜€ You can take my pride, but you’ll never take my picture-spam!

On a recent recording of Strong Heart, Hyoyeon reportedly made jaws drop by confessing that she has a crush on an as of yet un-named member of a male idol group.


Hyo also stated that she often checks to see whether she has the same schedule as said idol, and when she does she puts more effort into prettying herself up. Haha, I can actually imagine that; Hyo fangirling and crushing on some guy. The tables have indeed turned seeing as Hyo had boys lined up for her during her school days…all the way out the door I hear. They even had a Hyoyeon fanclub didn’t they? XD

Anyways, of course everyone’s wondering who it could be. It could be anyone really. You probably wouldn’t notice it unless you paid specific attention to her seeing as she doesn’t exactly talk about it alot, but Hyoyeon seems to have quite a large circle of friends amongst idols outside SNSD.

Well, mystery man should open his eyes soon because he’s got this hottie pining after him.

Yuri was also present at the recording and mentioned that she’s had a crush on a certain male celebrity since her debut. Knowing Yul, it’s probably one of those actors that she’s always brings up when asked who her ideal man is. XD Song Seung-Hun maybe?

The episode will be broadcast pretty soon, so let’s look forward to hearing about it! ^^

Jealous inner-fangirl aside, I don’t discourage the girls dating. I know we want SNSD to be like, just our’s something…But the girls have given up alot of things in life for their line of work, and I don’t think love should be one of them.

article by; Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean