Oh snap, its May 18th aka crazy51 aka Rizky’s birthday! Gonna give you some JeNy lovin’ on this special day of yours! ;D

Rizky is one hella cool chick and one of the first staffers I hired. She’s been very very busy with college lately so we haven’t caught her much on the blog but in no time she shall be back 🙂 She’s been so helpful with making this blog grow bigger and better. That SNSD profile page we have, you can thank her (I think some staffers helped too! Sorry bad memory hurr) ! Those amazing pictures showing SNSD from babies til now, you can thank her too! That girl and her beastly photoshop skills ❤

For someone as great as her, I just wanna wish her an amazing birthday. I miss talkin to you tons ❤ And even though your finals are probably around the corner, I hope you take the night off and drink (acutally…i think her birthday is over or almost over in her country. sorry DX) and partaayyy witcha friends! I wish you goodluck in everything that is comin’ your way and I can’t wait to talk to you again soon 😀

..and I guess I ❤ you for being such a big CinDria shipper. Sigh.

Since you love em so much..