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So I had made an earlier post about all the girls showing up to watch Kid Leader Taeng’s musical and guess what? They did! Here’s a clip of them leaving the theater and an awesome fan account of them being scandalous in the restroom again followed up by a very long fan account of the surprise birthday party that they were headed to.

The girls headed to Sunny and Yoona’s birthday with the fans :]

Fan account by 참치르르@bestiz from today 10.05.16 Taengsical where all the girls came to see Taengoo

I hesitated whether to write this account
but on a Sunday like this you deserve some jealous rage kekekekeke

I never thought something like this would happen to me.
I used to read accounts like “I went to the restroom and saw SNSD!!” and shed tears of jealousy,
but what is this now…
First I want to cry some before beginnning TT TT TT TT TT TT

The girls are totally gorgeous, oh my they are totally real stars @*&(^%^#^%*&

What am I talking about?
I want to keep the moment forever so I write this account…

I heard the girls came to Taengsical but I couldn’t see them as I was in the upper deck,
when the show ended I was in a hurry to go to the restroom,
quickly I left the seats and I found a restroom in a far corner!

I open the door casually
Omona… Yuri is there smiling.
Honestly I was so startled I didn’t even know who it was.
I just thought I met the eyes of someone very pretty,
she was smiling at me. After a second passed ah… she is Yuri… and she is smiling at me…
My mind was blank as I entered and
omona… Seohyun is washing her hands TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
Yuri went into the first stall,
I was waiting for the other stall then the door opens
Omona… Soonkyu comes out TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
I was so surprised unconsciously I yell umma-yah duh duh kekekekeke
I need to take care of my business so I’m using the stall..
Come to think of it… Yuri is in the stall next to me, and Soonkyu is washing her hands kekekeke
how can something like this happen, I try to calm myself wiped my hands and went out the stall…

Then I hear clapping and cheering, just loud commotion
so I thought ah.. the fans must have found out SNSD here…
but actually it wasn’t the fans but the girls themselves kekekeke
It was Taengoo who appeared as I stepped out of the stall…
The girls were clapping and telling her that she did great~ Done so well~ You’re out already~ they surround Taeyeon and hug her, patting her head…
Yoona or I’m not sure exactly since the girls were talking at the same time, but she was complimenting Taeyeon’s run-around acting scene kekekeke
I wanted to cheer and compliment her and pat her too but ah… yeah I am a shadow kekeke

Buried among tall members Taengoo’s head was not visible then they move and I see Taengoo,
she was dressed so pretty, she came out real soon after changing kekeke

So anyway we are waiting for the elevator in the hallway then Taengoo says they need to move quickly and wants to use the stairs. Right then the elevator arrives. I enter and as I look at my face in the elevator mirror oh my… I see Taengoo, and other girls coming into the elevator.
After I get my senses back… Omona.. Sica is right beside me? Sica is holding a muffin in her hand and nibbling on it. I look around and omona… Yoona, and Seohyun are there.. *!@&^*#*&()!@!^@
I am the girl who was in an elevator with SNSD TT TT TT TT TT TT

Soon as they got in the elevator Seohyun called unnie unnie unnie~ thrice in a row then asked “That spacesuit it is you unnie right?” kekeke She must have been real curious she was urging Taengoo with a haste voice kekeke
Taeyeon smiled and answered no that is not her but a body double and the girls are making noise kekeke
Yoona said she knew it was body double, because otherwise unnie wouldn’t be able to get out here so soon blah blah blah… she sounded confident
Fany also told Taeyeon “I knew it wasn’t you” and smiled and mentioned that the spacesuit was pink~
She said the body double looked bigger than Taeyeon and she asked Taeyeon if the double is bigger than her.
Fany has good eyes I noticed the body double was bigger only after viewing the show twice.
Anyway Taengoo said “Yeah. Bigger than me.” Oongkikiki
While eating the muffin Sica asked “Then how about the songs?” and Taengoo answered that she did all the songs by herself.
Yoona said “During that scene I was about to tear up but realizing that unnie was behind singing, it made it funny kekekeke”
Taengoo replayed the part kekeke her expression so cute TT TT TT She laughed after ending a part, I am the girl who heard Taengoo singing in an elevator together TT TT TT TT TT TT

The girls are chatting nonstop in the elevator and I am so happy inside. So that is a body double~ I wanted to clap and join the chatting but.. yeah I am a shadow kekekekeke
So we get off the elevator and the girls leave while being cheered by the fans~

I don’t think I will ever see them this close again…
What can I say, the girls are gorgeous. Coming to see the stage dressed up and in makeups wow… they are stars TT TT TT TT TT TT small faces, slim, and nice skin they must be so happy to be so pretty…
I thought Taeyeon was cute looking but in real life oh duh she is beautiful TT TT TT TT
But hearing their conversations
they are just like the neighborhood friends their age kekekeke
just kids chattering TT TT

Most of all the girls clapping, cheering, patting head and encouraging for Taengoo it all looked so pretty.
Ah…Tonight is so warm and nice oongkikiki

cr: 참치르르@bestiz

* oongkikiki is a new laugh Taeyeon used in UFO so fans laugh that way now

CR: silis7noy2

Now for the very long fan account of the YoonSun birthday surprise!

Here’s a sneak peak of the following:

[x] ByunTaeng strikes again!

[x] Sunny aegyo

[x] Sica’s random laughing

[x] Shikshins Sooyoung and Yoona bring up the topic of food

[x] Girls talk about their future hiatus..

There’s almost a moment for every pairing.. so read below and see what your scandalous pairing (or SoShi) did 😀

10.05.16 Sunny and Yoona’s Birthday Party fan account

The Birthday Party today was really special all nine girls were there ^^
In general very chaotic today, when a member is talking some other members always playing around who are the fans supposed to watch kekekeke

The girls appear, initially only eight members without Hyoyeon, they tell us they went to see the Taengsical. The MCs for birthday parties were always Sunny or Sooyoung but today Yuri suddenly introduced Seohyun as the MC. The unnies called her the “Next generation MC Seo Juhyun!”. Seohyun was confused but proceeded to do her MC job, she was a little bumbling but she was fine kekeke

Then Hyoyeon came out with the two birthday cakes and Sunny and Yoona do their wishing and everyone sing the song. The firecrackers scare Sica and Sunny is covering her ears then Fany came to her and caressed Sunny’s back… Then Yoona being quick-witted takes her cake and runs away kekeke Meanwhile Sica already put cream on Sunny’s face!!! Then the battle of cream started kekekeke
Maknae with cream in her hand chases Yoona around going “Unnieeeee!!!” and they run three laps around the stage kekeke . Sica says “Hey don’t you remember what you did to me on my birthday?” and chases Yoona too. Yoona hides behind the stage and doesn’t come out so Sooyoung told her to come out don’t worry they won’t cream her no more kekeke Really? says Yoona and comes out and Sooyoung was hiding cream in her other hand and succeeds in creaming Yoona kekekekeke We were cracking up kekeke Yoona chases Sica for revenge creaming, total chaos kekeke The battle ends and Yoona and Sunny look at each other and wipe the cream off each other’s faces kekeke Yoona cleaned Sica’s face too.

Then it’s time for the members to take turn and say something to the birthday girls and first Sooyoung starts with Sunny and Sunny does aegyo.
Sooyoung: “kekeke you are cute~ Sunny… Sunny unnie~… Unnie~~” (Here Sooyoung imitates Yoona’s unnie sound that Fany hates keke)
Sunny : *makes nauseated motion*
Sooyoung: “Really I want to call Sunny unnie she is very mature you all know that right? When we gather to make decisions Sunny often leads us she is indispensable for out team. Because she joined us last I sometimes imagine how unfortunate it would have been if Sunny wasn’t with us. And Sunny played big role to give us SNSD a cute image keke”
Sunny: *continues nauseated motion*
Sooyoung: “Keke you stop with that thing now, dont dress up like a girl and do that kind of thing keke… And when I saw Sunny for the first time I was worrying a lot because other members we were together for like three years already and wondered if Sunny can adjust with us. But now she feels like a ten year long pal to us. I don’t know why we even had to worry about anything we share so much things and it’s like Sunny is a pile of luck to us. She completes us she has that something… SNSD without Sunny is like a donut without the hole! We are always grateful let’s continue to do it together, Happy birthday and I love you.”
Sooyoung: “And Yoona… I am always so sorry, hehehe… Unnie is… Uh I’m not exactly sure what I am to Yoona…”
Yoona: “Unnie you are my unnie~”
Sooyoung: “I don’t know if I should be a friend or unnie to her I am always sorry I cannot be of much help to her… I want to continue to have lots of talk with Yoona, get closer and find out what I can be to her. Yoona unlike her looks she is so easy-going and her personality is like a mischievous boy but many times she says touching words and her inside is so gentle, and has lots of tears. So I want to protect her like a donsaeng but she is only three months younger kekeke Yoona is our forever center. We love her so much and so grateful… Yoona grow your hair so that you can regain your center position kekeke I am joiking kekeke So pretty Yoona… LIke what I said to Sunny she is indispensable I don’t know what we would do without you Yoona I love you.”

Hyoyeon: “Sunny and Yoona are the members I really love ~”
Fans: “What about other members??? Kekeke other members?”
Hyoyeon: “Kekeke I love everyone, personally I have been talking with Sunny and Yoona a lot lately. I think we got even closer so I am so happy. And I’ve been hanging around with Yoona a lot these days so other members seem jealous kekeke. I’ve been having many conversations with her it is really nice… Sunny and Yoona Happy birthday, and let’s have even more talks in the future. I love you~”

Taeyeon: “Like Sooyoung said the two members Sunny and Yoona are the crucial ones that made SNSD’s image. And Yoona was my roommate and Sunny is my roommate now… ”
At that point Fany was pointing to herself saying “What about me? Me? Me?” kekeke
Taeyeon: “When people share same space there can be some uncomfortable things you know, but there is just no such thing at all with Sunny and me we are so compatible. She is very similar to myself we both don’t clean up the room but when it’s time to clean up we agree together at just the right time. She will continue to be a member I can depend on, a friend. And Yoona she has hard time as someone stuck between unnies and a dongsaeng, a bit of an ambiguous situation… But she is so intelligent and flexible. Wherever she goes she adapts well. When she was filming the drama we were worried how she’d do with all the unknown people but she adjusted so well and she played the main character so well I was so proud of her. Now she is 21, and became an adult… I want to congratulate her becoming an adult and she will continue to make SNSD’s image great. Yoona-yah, Sunny-yah Happy birthday I love you~”

Yuri: “Sunny was my roommate and Yoona is my roommate now. Yes the members that were my roommates will have good fortunes kekeke.”
Taeyeon: “Yuri’s current roommate is my former roommate~”
Yuri: “That’s right then our roommates will have good fortunes kekeke”, *Yuri side hugs Taeyeon*
Yuri: “Yes I miss Sunny but she is happy as Taeyeon’s roommate~. And Sunny is really really like a mom. I felt it again strongly while doing IY with her. I learned a lot from her and It’d be nice if we can do IY but… we can leave when we are at the top right? Sunny will do so good in varieties in the future. She is going to have good fortunes. So smart and witty I am so looking forward to what she does, Happy birthday Sunny~”
Yuri: “Yoona oh I remember this from YAMD, at that time Yoona came home only like three times a week and she would sleep two hours and go back out. Fortunately it turned out well the ratings were great and she got lots of love from people as Saebyuk. But all that love can be grateful thing but a person can become arrogant you know. But Yoona absolutely has nothing like that at all she was always wanting to be with us watching 8 of us do performances, and always sorry that she couldn’t join us. I love how she is so humble like that. Even now I think back I’m grateful to her and she’s younger but has a mature mind. Lately it seems Hyoyeon took her away from me kekeke I am joking, I want to have lots of conversation with her in the dorm. I want to congratulate her birthday and I really want to continue to be with her on her future birthdays~”

Seohyun: “It’s me.. Soonkyu unnie…You take so good care of me and you are a 89er…You know so many things and teach me lots of things I am always so grateful unnie. Really I am relieved that you unnie play the role of cute maknae for us kekekeke I am not cute you know, you are so cute unnie and I am envious, I should learn more from you. You are an unnie like a mom. Happy birthday unnie~”
Seohyun: “And Yoona unnie she and I went to same high school and now same university. I think we have a special connection… I was in fifth grade and unnie in sixth grade and we started training together and our house were in the same direction so we always commuted together. Unnie you cared for me like a real sister, if you have any hard time please come and speak to me. Thank you unnie Happy birthday~”
Seohyun went around hugging each members saying “Unnie I love you!!!” it looked so lovable….

Jessica kept making cute laughs heehee for no reason so the girls were laughing kekeke
Jessica: “Yoona-yah! Heeheehee~ Happy birthday! Heehee! Let’s continue to do this together~ And Yoona grew up a lot, I feel she has matured a lot and…”
Yoona: “Hahaha!!”
Jessica: “We couldn’t drink before but now we are adults so we can sip a cocktail, isn’t that interesting, Yoona was always like a baby heeheehee~! Let’s have fun with the members, let’s talk more at the dorm~ Happy birthday~!”
Jessica: “Sunny-yah~ Haha Heehee”
*Sunny cuddles to Sica*
Jessica: “Heeing~ Aigoo I cannot take this~ kekeke Yeah we even use the bathroom together~”
Sunny: “People might misunderstand that we use the bathroom at the same time kekeke”
Jessica: “I mean~ the bathroom is connected to our rooms~ Happy birthday~ And don’t just be so mature all the time but show us more of your kid-like brightness Sunny. Heuheuheu~ I love you~”

Tiffany: “Yoona… she has really grown. She has matured so so much I am so happy. And I think Yoona’s heart is even more mature than us unnies so we are not just unnie-dongsaeng but we can all rely on each other the same, I am so happy about this. I am so proud of you keke I don’t need to tell you right?”
Yoona: “Yes kekeke”
Tiffany: “Our Sunny… kekeke I didn’t get to talk with Sunny much lately but…Sunny is really mature but to us and to our fans you don’t have to always be so mature you can act like a kid~ When it’s just us together you can be our baby, let yourself be free with us Sunny~ Even if you don’t want me I will always be here for you! Ok? We talked a lot over the years. When you think we may not be here… we will be here. So don’t worry~ be our baby and yell at us kekeke I hope people don’t think we are weird keke Oh I don’t like that we are 22 already… ”
Taeyeon: “It’s a happy day~”
Tiffany: “We are getting symtoms of being old…”
Taeyeon: “It’s a happy day~”
Tiffany: “Let’s all become greater and happy! I love you!”

And Sunny and Yoona say their words.
Yoona said some time ago she sent message to all the members at 6 in the morning. She just suddenly felt the urge, the message said “I love you.” When Yoona told that Yuri said “Hey why didn’t you send me one!” and Taeyeon added “I didn’t get it too.” What happened was that some members were doing their schedules and the message program deleted their messages while they were absent kekeke
Sunny said the members are like the air for her. They are always there, sometimes she forgets that they are there, and when the wind blows she realizes that they are there. It is something precious that she cannot ever be without… Sunny said the sonyuhs are all so very precious and it makes her so happy when everyone is together, she can do her variety shows or whatever the best when all the members are there.

Throughout the birthday party the girls were just goofing off. Sica took a balloon and asked Fany to tie it to her arm and she went around waving the arm balloon, then the balloon got loose and flew up to ceiling so Sica chased it jumping around and cried “Fany-yah why did you tie it loose like that!” Hyoyeon took a balloon twisted into a heart and wore it like a scarf and recommended Seohyun to do the same kekeke Sooyoung playing with the helium balloon and made them all flat kekeke… Taeyeon went around putting arms around Sooyoung, Tiffany… then playing butt slapping with them kekekeke. Taeyeon and Fany were constantly playing with each other… Fany was singing Goodbye Days… When Taeyeon was putting her arm around Fany’s shoulder that made Fany’s shirt slip off her shoulder so Fany spanked Taeyeon “Hey what cha doing!” kekeke Tomorrow’s the Adult Day in Korea and girls were talking about new adults getting kisses and Sunny and Yoona pretended to kiss and it was bit too close kekeke… Other members were imitating the same kissing thing kekeke. One fan asked whether the Dandyu was really kissing in the performance of SonyuhShidae and Taeyeon answered “Yes!!!!!!!!” that was so cute kekekeke

There were some questions from fans, one asked about what will happen to Greeny. Sunny owns half of Greeny and she said maybe she’ll take Greeny to Japan… Hyoyeon said let’s raise Greeny in our dorm kekeke. Someone said only half of Greeny can be taken and asked whether Sunny wants the upper or the bottom half and made everyone laugh keke.

Fans wanted to see Yoona do a dance and Fany said “Hey we went to noraebang for three hours~ Do the dance we did there~.” Yoona said she can dance better with boyband dances and the fans shouted asking to see Rain’s Hip Song dance. Then the girls said Fany is the one who can do that better Yoona should do something else kekeke. Hyoyeon said Yoona can pop well so Yoona started poppin and Sunny joined with her robot dance kekeke. Taeyeon said Sunny looked like the one from JoPD’s MV kekeke Everyone just cracking up with Yoona and Sunny on stage kekeke. Then Fany finally did the HIp Song dance… she didn’t start off great but in the end does a slick wave and was dancing while clutching her hair and Sunny quipped “That’s more like a person in torment than a Hip Song kekeke”. In the end Fany declared that she will show the complete dance on her birthday kekeke.

When fans asked Yoona when does she miss the members most, Sooyoung stepped in and answered “When she is eating!” kekeke. Yoona said “It’s hard for me to eat by myself when I’m hungry but I’m alone…” and Fany said “That’s because you eat at the abnormal hour.” Yoona said “I can’t help it because of my schedules TT TT”. Hyoyeon said “These days I eat with Yoona and it’s hard… I don’t know why she wants food at 2AM in the morning.” and made everyone laugh… kekekeke

At the end Sooyoung mentioned a bit about their plan. They will be gone for a while, but Sooyoung said “It’s not going to be long like a year or anything, just away for bits at a time so don’t worry. And even during hiatus there will be chances to meet with fans. Please wait for us and don’t cheat on us!”
Then it was over Sooyoung said they want to be here longer but they have schedules from early in the morning tomorrow. Fans keep acting stubborn not letting the girls go and Sooyoung cried “We haven’t eaten yet we’re hungry!!!!!” kekekeke. The party ended and Taeyeon asked fans how they are getting home and made sure they’re on time for bus and subways.

cr:바람대장@bestiz, 싴계령@bestiz, 스펀지황@sosiz, myevery@sosiz, 파스빈더@dc

CR: silis7noy2

Article by: MAEniac@snsdkorean.wordpress.com