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(Is that a word?)

Our birthday girl Sunny is everywhere these days. Everybody is falling for her charms.

…No, seriously. This girl is like, everybody’s lover on Invincible Youth.

On Sunny’s birthday, her folding screen fellow G7 member, Hyomin of T-ara, posted up a birthday message on her cyworld page reading “Soonkyu-yah, Happy Birthday~♥, Sunny Sunny You’re my sunshine forever”. Haha, 1+1 couple is so cute. It’s going to be depressing when they have to break up.

Amber of f(x) (whom Sunny refers to as ‘the function kids’) who is pretty chummy with Sunny uploaded a picture of the two of them onto her me2day as well.

With it, Amber posted the following message:

Everyone~ do you know what day today is? Although a few minutes has passed, but that (day) is Sunny’s unnie birthday!! Unnie, sorry for this belated message. You know how much I love you right? Hehe, My Su Su Su Su Sunny unnie!! Happy Birthday!! Hope that you have been receiving blessings all this time! Although late, I hope everyone can congratulate her too…

Check it out, birthday girl even made the number one searched term on Naver.

I’m glad people have started taking more notice of her. From the start she was one of the less noticed and underrated members, and being the niece of SM’s founder, of course there were some prejudices against her. But with her bright attitude, her big heart and her talent with words, she’s managed to make everyone fall in love with her. Go go Sunny Bunny!

Oh, since this ended up as a Sunny post, she recently revealed on IY that she’s only 155 centimetres! Haha, like her profile height of 158 isn’t short enough already. Oh well, most of the girls’ profiles are absolute baloney anyway. I mean, Taengoo 162cm? My foot. XD

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Article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean