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If you’re someone who follows the k-pop world closely, then you probably know that f(x) recently started promoting their new track NU ABO. With f(x) being a dance group, the song is edgy and the bass is pumping.

Someone made a compilation of SNSD dance clips, and put against NU ABO . The result is pretty cool haha.

Makes you wonder what SNSD would be like if they’d been a dance-oriented group…
But ‘bah’ to that I say! No need to worry about the ‘what if’s. The SNSD we’ve got now is the SNSD we’re stuck with, and this SNSD is perfect for me.

Oh, and because it’s f(9), here’s a short clip I’ve had bookmarked for a while:

Jung love, lol.

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article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean