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The latest episode of idol Family Outing 2 just aired, in which along with the usual family, new member Heechul and guests Junho and Tiffany were also present. The last episode didn’t have much YoonTi interaction but the recent one was pretty fun, so I figured I’d share.

FO2 might not have the popularity FO1 did, but honestly, the show is alot of fun and it’s been getting better. People might’ve complained about there being too many idols on the show, but the young people totally bring up the atmosphere, heheh.

Anyways, here are a bunch of adorable clips. ^^

Half-asleep Run Devil Run by YoonTi ft. Heechul
It’s like they dance automatically hearing the song….OMGKYUTE though.

Yoong ticking Fany off with her Cho-Ding-ness.
Can’t help smiling at this one.

FO2 Relay Race
Rofl, Fany at the start. XD I think Bongsun’s screaming distracted her. Fany was smiling then suddenly got really serious, luckily she caught up. Yoong and JoKwon are FAST. o.o Which works out for Yoong, because Korean guys seem fascinated by athletic girls…lol

FO2 Battle Off
Just a bonus if you like seeing idols hopping.

Haha, these kids are just too adorable. Honestly, as stupid as last year’s bullying scandals were, I think these two ended up getting closer in the end.

And because this ended up being another vid-spam post (I’m good at those), here is a preview of Jessica on “Happy Birthday” to top it all off.

Surprisingly the song in the background of this preview is sung by YUI, who you may remember as the actress from the movie Taeng’s musical is based on.

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