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SNSD’s resident eye-smile experts Sunny & Tiffany recorded SBS’ 1000 Song Challenge some time ago, and finally it’s out! 😀

Two clips of Fany and one of Sunny.  Tiffany sings two ballads, the first one being “Don’t Forget Me” from the Iris OST and the second one being “Don’t Go My Love.” The first is a typical Fany perf where she starts off a little uncertain but then ends up blowing you away. Omg, Fany + Iris = win.

Sunny also gave an excellent performance of “A Love Secretly” which is a trot song. ^^ Such a delicate soprano voice she has~ Great at trot songs.

And T-ara’s “Bo-Peep” by 2Ny. One of their noraebang (karaoke) favourites haha.

Tiffany has definitely improved alot over the years, and Sunny has an underrated voice. =3=

Funny story about the broadcast date of this episode. The contestants can choose a number between 1-1000 for their song choice, and Tiffany picked Jessica’s birthday date, but it turns out the broadcast date was way after Jessica’s birthday…Aww, fail romantic gesture from Tiffany right there. XD

cr; SmoothyEcoS02@youtube
Article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean