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Because this week is going to be Sunny!

Sunny Sunny Sunny! I love you, I need you(r strength)?

As the shortest member in SNSD, Sunny holds a special place in our hearts (and special shoes for amusement park rides). Previously one of the most underrated members, she’s quickly gained the attention of many; thanks to her cheerful personality, caring nature, and do-it-all capabilities displayed on Invincible Youth. But it’s more than just.. attention. It’s love.

Perhaps it’s her aegyo that can be used to make you cringe at will, or maybe it’s her overshadowed vocal abilities that make you love her, but she definitely possesses something much rarer amongst girl idols. The ‘bunny’ has a sense of fearlessness that just can’t be matched. Right now, it’s Sunny’s birthday week at SNSD Korean. This is a tribute to the energy pill that always keeps us going with her strength.

Let’s start off with the infamous chicken clip from the beginning of Invincible Youth:

Snake handling? No problem.

Remaining composed while trying to catch mud fish. That’s how a real pro does it.

Evenly G.O.D.ly bears have troubles bunnies.

Don’t get me wrong though, there’s more to Sunny’s courage than just handling animals. Maybe the Seoul Zoo should recruit her for a commercial. *hint hint* Oh c’mon, we know we have some readers from Korea.. and if you work for the zoo, go start pestering your boss please. You know it’s a good idea! =)

But this girl… first to jump off a tower and having the time of your life~ Seriously, when does she stop?

In the end however, we love her not because of her courage, but because she’s Sunny. Irregardless of whether she shows us her strong side or not, she’ll always give us and those around her strength. So it’s perfectly fine to be a little scared sometimes… because her family will be there.

Oh, and there’s more to come later this week. ;D

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