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Updated with even more pictures!

Ok i understand my title might be a little misleading,but it is not as what you dirty minded people are thinking about.

So anyway,remember the collaboration of our girls and 2PM for the new Carribean Bay’s CF?

New photos of them filming the CF has surfaced.
Check them out in the following.

Now check out the following sneak previews!

Maknaes face-off

Maknaes face-off #2

Apparantly an official photo has also surfaced.

They are sure looking hot isn’t it? Let’s look forward to the CF,hopefully with the rest of the girls taking part.

Credits : Silis7noy2,Sosiz,DCinside, circe@yoonu,SONEms,Baidu & cloudsaerif@soompi.
By : zheming@snsdkorean.wordpress.com