Here’s some random fan accounts of the girls. While busy, it looks like they’ve have been getting a bit more time to relax, see their families, or attend school more often.

Last week Sica was in city of Pusan for her musical and before the show she was seen strolling around by herself at Centum department store then at Baskin Robbins.

After coming back from China Sunny and her mom went to a strawberry field. She drove the family car and picked fresh strawberries with mom. Sunny still seemed little weak during this week’s IY shooting.

Last weekend Yuri Yoona Tiffany Hyoyeon went bowling. Lee seunggi was there too (separately with his own friends). People there say the girls come bowling there from time to time.

Taeyeon went down to her hometown JeonJu to see her family last week, apparently her first time since debut. Taeyeon is currently very occupied with her musical practice, many witness accounts of her near the theatre. One account by a saleswoman: “I visited the musical to talk about prop items and Taeyeon was there. I’m a woman older than her but ah she’s so cute.. keke I’m used to celebrities but couldn’t stop smiling this time.. I chatted a bit she seemed so nice hehe I gave her a key holder sample and she liked it keke. She’s just like on tv… pretty and fresh keke”

At a community forum a music show stage worker posted a note thanking Tiffany for being nice and always greeting him and the staff enthusiastically backstage.

Sica and Seohyun were seen dining at a Chinese restaurant with Ok Juhyun unnie

Seohyun seen often at school these days and having fun with classmates. She was seen at a restaurant with friends near school and she treated them. Seohyun smiles and gladly gives autographs when people ask her. In one of her class the professor was talking about marriage and he joked to her “Hey Seohyun, you’re married huh?” and Seohyun was embarassed and told him it’s a make-believe marriage. The professor later was talking about something sad then he sang the part from the CNBlue’s song “Sad sad sad sad sad….” and Seohyun was laughing out.

Yesterday the girls were seen at the Everland resort. 2PM was also seen and Carribean Bay is part of this resort so it seems like some additional CF filming

cr: silis7noy2@soompi