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Happy labour day! This is my first post of the month and it’s gonna be a long one! So sit back,relax and enjoy.

Yuri,Sooyoung and Tiffany has been endorsing for Biotherm and it just doesn’t seem to stop after this,this,this and this.

They attended the fan signing event conducted by Biotherm earlier on and they are sure looking really exquisite for it(Since when they aren’t anyway). Anyway enough of my blabbering and here are the pictures which will speak louder than my words. (Click on them to view in full size)

Group shots:

Yuri shots:

Tiffany shots:



Is that my name you’re calling out?

Sooyoung : "Zheming?"



To end it all,here’s a fancam of the event as well as a signatured poster.

Credits : Sosiz,keoconvoi@Youtube,SONEms.

By : zheming@snsdkorean.wordpress.com