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おはようございます。 少女時代です~

There’s been quite a few rumors regarding SNSD activities/shows lately, so let’s get through them. Keep in mind that these are still unconfirmed and are rumors only.

1. [Rumor] MBC Sunday Show to launch SNSD segment in June
2. [Rumor] Jessica and Tiffany might be CF models of Study Book ‘Red Pen(빨간펜)’

cr: Yurui912@twitter

1. I’m not sure if this is the new MBC show featuring SNSD  mentioned a bit earlier, or if this just another show that thought our girls were awesome and doing a segment on them would rake in the viewers. Either way, it looks like we may get some sort of show (or at least a part of one) featuring soshi by MBC in the near future.

2. What’s Study Book ‘Red Pen’? I can’t say for sure on this one either, but it appears to be a tutoring or academic counseling service (If anybody could clarify, please do). All I can say is JeTi! <33

And of course, the last rumor being possible promotions in Japan in the very near future. Although no plans have been officially announced, the girls have been dropping us hints about Japan here and there lately so this one appears to hold a certain degree of likelihood. Nobody’s sure whether or not the girls will be staying in Japan for a long duration or if they’ll do a hit and run sort of thing. This rumor semi-conflicts with previous rumors about the MBC show if the girls are staying in Japan for a period of time.

There’s various aspects to consider regarding this rumor that has concerned many SONEs:

  • Korean market is very competitive, especially with so many girl groups in the recent years. If SNSD leaves for a while, somebody else may take the top spot after soshi has worked so hard to achieve what they’ve accomplished.
  • They’ll be even further away from their families than before and we already know how much the girls miss home.
  • The girls will have to re-debut again, starting from scratch in a foreign country. Their support definitely won’t be what they have in Korea and they’ll have to work hard to be successful. I personally think they’ll do just fine as they’re already topping Japan’s Korean music sales and also supported by several Japanese artists in the industry. Oh, and their infectious personalities will certainly help.
  • No shows featuring our girls. This means no MuBank, MuCore, Inkigayo, WGM, Win Win, IY, FO2, or Happy Birthday. It also means no guest appearances on Star King, Star Golden Bell, Strong Heart, etc. We’ll have an empty time slot in our daily lives that we just won’t know what to do with anymore. =[

It looks like our girls will take their first step in dominating Asia soon, but the questions when and for how long will the girls be away have many people anxious about the rumor. Keep in mind though, it’s not all bad if our girls go overseas. They’ll get the chance to grow not only as artists, but also as 9 very ordinary girls. If I recall correctly, they get a bigger share of the money from album sales if they’re successful in a foreign market. There will also be lots of opportunities for them to explore and we’ll get to see them on different shows. It will, however, be a bit different than what we’re used to.

Many have compared SNSD as being the ‘next DBSK’ due to their similar rise in popularity and expectations for success in Japan. However, despite all prominence attached to the name DBSK/TXVQ, soshi is not the next anyone. They are, and always will be, the first and only Girls’ Generation.

cr: Studio[pang] for original artwork.
by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com