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So, what exactly were our girls up to yesterday? Firstly, our happy-go-lucky MC duo, Yul & Fany, were doing their usual MCing for Music Core; both of them looking very sophisticated and 50 different types of stunning:

Sadly, SNSD did not perform, but don’t worry as they will reportedly be doing another goodbye stage on Inkigayo. ^^

Furthermore, the long awaited HaHaMong show finally aired, bringing along with it all sorts of hilarious goodies. Hyoyeon didn’t manage to snag as much camera-time as HyoHunnies would’ve liked, but the show was still hilarious.

Check out this hilarious clip of Sooyoung rapping:

Seriously, Sooyoung’s charm is that she isn’t afraid to put herself out there, and look ridiculous while doing it. XD

And the rapping doesn’t stop there as Sooyoung also got together with YoonYul for some more (english subbed) dorky rapping:

(turn on the captions for subs)

Haha, if that’s not hilarious, what is? Fans have been waiting forever for HaHaMong to air, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Also, Y-Star Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation aired it’s 4th episode~
As you may know, Hyoyeon’s solo performance from the shanghai concert got alot of attention, although the Seoul performance was something us sit-at-home fans never got to see. But Y-star (bless their souls) have gifted us with a clip of Hyo’s awesome performance at the Seoul concert! And it’s like…woah.

Lastly I bring you the latest FO2 preview, staring the family’s newest addition Heechul, and see if you can spot Fany in it too!

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Article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean