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Inside: Randoms from this week’s Chin Chin, and some Boyz II Men love.

Yes, that’s right, Boyz II Men. No, I’m not kidding. Yes. Really.

we love girlmae so she won't kill gt. ❤

Sorry if our posts have been a bit shorter than usual or if we’re a bit behind on updates lately. It’s university finals season y’know?

This is just a quick compilation of various things that have been said on Chin Chin over the past week. Kim Taeyeon, we’re going to miss you.

When taeyeon had to move away to seoul for girl’s generation, taeyeon asked desperately for her family to move to seoul with her. She hit her parents and cried and begged. (3rd year of middle school)

When she got to seoul she was having so much fun, that she didn’t call back to home for a whole year. But after a year passed, she remembers crying because she missed her family.

Ilak: “It’s really going to be sad when you leave. I mean, two hours listening to your voice is really something. When it’s listening to your voice, you most directly feel the emotion from that person.”

taeyeon: Then I’ll sing more

Ilak : That’s not the same. It’s the emotion from the voice, the jokes you make and such….

k will: it’s the dialogue

Taeyeon loves babies. Doesn’t have to be a baby thats related to her, any baby when she sees it she’ll want to hold in her arms and love it.

Taeyeon’s younger sister is 9 right now, and she was born when taeyeon was a 3rd year in elementary school. Taeyeon confidently says did a lot to help raise her younger sister.

K will: did you do everything?
taeyeon: of course!


Taeyeon’s first dog was a yorkshier terrier, and got it her first year of middle school. She still remembers to this day the exact date it passed away. The next day at school, it was cookie day where students get cookies, but Taeyeon brought ice to school instead because she needed them for her eyes (eyes were very swollen from crying).

Her next dog was a poodle, but from the beginning it was ill. They took it to the hospital but it was too late. This time taeyeon’s mom cried more than her.

Taeyeon’s current dog’s name is Cherry.

When taeyeon was 14 she won first place for her singing for a contest at school and it was starting from then when she began to think “oh…maybe i have some potential!”

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You know you’re popular when…
a) People start screaming ‘I love you’ when you walk down the street.
b) Your concert sells out in less than 3 minutes.
c) Boys II Men wants to work with you.
d) All of the above.

I don’t even need to tell you the correct answer do I? We know our girls are awesome and all, but they’re becoming increasingly more awesome in the international scene. Boys II Men, the most successful R&B male vocal group of all time (based on sales), stated recently in an interview that they would like to work with Girls’ Generation (and T-ara XD) if given the opportunity:

U.S. pop group Boyz II Men, who recently gave concert in Korea, has said that they would like to work with K-pop female band T-ara and Girls’ Generation, according to music channel Mnet on Friday.

The three-man band sat down for an exclusive interview with Mnet, held after their Seoul concert on April 16 and 17, and talked about Korean pop music and artists.

The American singers were well aware of the girl band craze in Korea, mentioning groups T-ara and Girls’ Generation, and remarked that they “would like to work with them if opportunity arises.”

When asked about Korean pop groups 4MEN and Brown Eyed Soul (the former had opened for Boyz II Men’s Seoul gig while the latter had met the group backstage), they answered that they had listened to their music, adding that both groups had “excellent skills.”

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“POP CON” airs on Mnet every Saturday at noon.

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