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Feeling sick? or maybe you’d like more SNSD to get your fix on.

Yoona and MBC can help. Well, hopefully on the MBC part at least.

I’m really not sure whether I should say this person was lucky or unlucky. Both, probably. A sick fan recently received a signed CD with some messages from the girls to cheer them up. It seems that despite not knowing this individual, the messages were quite touching and more than just your average ‘get well soon’. 

This is a post from an MBLAQ fan. Translation:

“I am from the MBLAQ forum ^^

We have a sick person in our family and a friend with connection got us an SNSD signed CD to cheer us up.

And our whole family was moved by Yoona. She wrote a page full of notes comforting us not to get sick and worrying for us hoping for recovery… and she doesn’t even know us

Even when she’s so busy she wrote us a long letter covering half the photo page from cd

Of course other members all wrote us sincere notes and we are so grateful
Yoona wrote each word in earnest really…
She really seems warmhearted nice person

So everytime I see Yoona now my eyes turn into hearts ^^
Is it ok I post this here? Let me know ^^
Anyway Yoona JJANG Soshi JJANG~!”

cr: bestiz,융갤 & silis7noy2@soompi for translations.

It makes you wonder just how often the girls do things like this and gets unnoticed because it wasn’t posted online. SNSD truly is without a doubt, worth supporting, defending, and fighting for.

There’s also some rumors regarding FO2 and legally blonde, but the most interesting one is the possibility of a new variety show hosted by SNSD. That’s an all-star cast by itself don’t you think?

1. FO2 might end soon. Yoo Jaesuk and his new company will fill in the time slot.

2. SNSD will get on the mound as a relief pitcher for MBC variety shows. MBC is planning a SNSD’s new show airing mid-May, and recruiting staffs for the show. It is likely to fit SNSD’s characters or be with SNSD’s favorite celebrities. Although show concept is not decided yet, it is speculated to be idol version of Infinity Challenge or SNSD inviting guests.

3. Legally Blondes’ Jessica appearance officially ends on May 5th. No more Jessica on LB. And about then, SNSD members may visit Daegu for a fan-signing.

cr: bossa747@twitter