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[edit] the subber of these video found out that she/he was missing some part so hopefully, she/he’ll find the missing part and sub it soon   Basically, in part 3, the cake part was cut out but now it fixed 🙂

It has been 3-4 weeks? since the last episode of WGM was aired and man, those 3-4 weeks were sooo boring!  The reason why WGM have been postponed was because of the navel incident that have happened a few weeks ago and, there was a labor strike in Korea.  Anyway!! I guess this week they started airing WGM again and the subbed videos are out! Hooray!  However, the first 2 videos are laggy and I think the uploader is trying to fix that so if he/she reupload the video with no lag, I’ll fix this post when he/she does. Without further ado, let’s watch the videos!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Credit: NulSaRangHaeS5@youtube.com