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EDITED by julayyy: Changed the videos because the other ones were removed. Videos are working now

While we’ve certainly been experience a drought in SNSD performances lately with the cancellations of shows due to the unfortunate naval ship sinking accident, all of our beloved music shows a back! Saving many of us from going into SoShi-withdrawal.

After yesterday’s awesome Run Devil Run performance on Music Core, the girls performed again today on Inkigayo. Check out the performance below:

cr; UnknownCarrot300@youtube.com

After the black on MuCore, today’s (pre-recorded) performance had the girls decked out in the futuristic white body suits and tied-up hairstyles from the MV. As you’ve probably noticed, most of the girls have been throwing in little changes to the choreography during their parts, and they really do make all the difference. Tell me Taeyeon’s wink didn’t make your heart skip a beat, haha.

The girls also walked away victory, receiving last week’s Mutizen award and then also winning today’s.

Haha, going for one show and then leaving with two awards…that’s how our girls roll right? SoShi stands only one trophy away from a Mutizen Triple Crown, although competition could get a little rough with the comeback of hallyu star Bi Rain.
However, it doesn’t matter whether they win or lose, we love our girls no matter what, right?

Bonus: SoKa & Im ChoDing

cr; DC