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Recently on Entertainment Relay’s Guerilla Date, the girls got the opportunity to sit back, eat, drink and talk (loudly) about various things.

One topic that came up was that Yuri tends to lock the door whenever she’s searching the internet. (God knows what kinds of things she could be looking up…) Yul’s hubby Yoona also poked fun at Yuri, asking if it was after this incident that Yuri started getting sexier. Yuri protested, claiming that she had locked the door because she had just taken a shower, but the others were too pre-occupied with teasing her to listen.

Another topic of interest that arose was Taeyeon’s underwear.
(Haha, that caught your attention didn’t it?)

Fans around the world blushed (or had nosebleeds, your pick.) as Sooyoung posed a question to the leader; “What colour is your underwear today?” which had everybody cracking up in laughter.

However, Taengoo managed to dodge the question by replying “a bland one”, refusing to satisfy the curiosity of the nation’s male population.

The girls also talked about their wishes of getting married and their favorite songs to sing at noraebang (karaoke).

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Also, at KJE’s Chocolate, Yuri talked about Yoona’s crush on Japanese actor Takuya Kimura.

She told how while they were in Japan, Yoona returned to her room at 3:00am in tears after having watched him on television with Sooyoung. When Yuri asked, Yoona replied that she was crying because she liked him so much, yet couldn’t understand what he was saying. The next day, Yoona was seen carrying Japanese books. Haha, Yoong gets points for dedication. Takuya-san, you are a lucky man. XD