Just got home..back hurts..I’m sleepy..but this is interesting and important enough to be posted up asap 🙂 Reading Soompi and found another silis7noy rumor that he posted up. I’ll quote it at the bottom but if you want a basic idea, there is a rumor going around that the girls shall be making a comeback this FALL. SM is already working on the new concept as of now..

Sounds pretty damn quick but we all know that’s what happens when you’re booming in popularity. I mean check out their album sales, awards, and commercials. Holy. But here’s silis

There is already a rumor of a minialbum coming in the fall. Given how SM has been incessant in pushing out SNSD promotions the general consensus of Korean fans is that another minialbum in latter half is more likely than not. SM probably is working on the new concept right this moment anyway. And yes reportedly most of SM’s other acts are all eagerly in queue to comeback in sequence after RDR promotion ends.

I think most fans would like the girls to have a decent long break after the Asia Tour and work on individual activities. But it’s never our ideal wishes but market forces that drive SM to drive the girls. So at this point we can say another comeback later this year is likely but there are many factors that can change the course of things. We can probably get a better idea after we see how the other SM artists’ promotions fare in the coming days. It’s really best for everyone if other SM artists can achieve daebak promotions this year.

We’ll just have to wait and see where the wind takes us and snsd this fall then!