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Updated: with more pics & CF!

Probably one of the most popular gadgets I see in North America these days, aside from iphones.. is the nintendo DS. Adding in a new camera function has made the new version very poular. This year’s olympics was held in my home city, with LOTS of great free events. You have no idea how many people asked me to take photos of them with a Nintend DSi, at first it was one of the oddest concepts in I’ve come across in my life, but now? I’m totally use to it.

But, with all this said, I bet you’re all thinking: Soofany, what on earth are you babbling on about in a SNSD newspage? Well… it could be the fact that this is one of SNSD’s newest endorsements!?

Yes, that’s right! Our girls are endorsing one of the greatest new toys out there! I don’t have one, I personally still enjoy playing my gameboy and playing games on my cellphone. (Though at one point in life, when the DS’s first came out, I reallllly wanted one).

I love the new colours. I hope more pictures comes out! The actual CF will be out on the 30th. I really hope its not just the 4 tall girls and kid leaders, but it’ll include hyounnie, sica, fanfany, and sunnybunny.

And here’s more pics of the girls!:

CFs have now been released!

Credits: Nintendo + 천소티@DC + unknowntoyou@soshified + xVivskies & silis7noy2@soompi + energywen@twitter + thisisgame.com + iimchoding@youtube