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Since their popularity on earth seemed to be exploding day by day, SNSD Sunny and her KARA accomplice Goo Hara decided to try their luck on the moon. With help from controller Hyunah and human speaker Shinyoung, Sunny and Hara tried to entertain the moon resident with their respective group’s song Oh! and Lupin. Unfortunately, due to low gravity and the lack of air on moon’s atmosphere, the performance became a slow motion both in movement and in sound (the sounds had lower frequency as the effect). Still, the moonlings would rejoice at the sights of earth’s popular entertainers. Strangely, Sunny returned as a ghostbuster, trying to capture the cute cow spirit. For easier comprehension of what’s going on, please enjoy the clip below.


Well, the explanation above was what Sunny and co wanted us to believe/imagine. Here is the fact that I managed to comprehend: From the clip, it seemed that Sunny and Hara were given the task to spray something on Greeny’s (Sunny’s cow) cage. So, they needed to wear that protective gears that made them looked like astronauts. Well, kudos to the person who got the idea of moon mission. I’ll come back with more news on their moon Greeny’s cage exploits  once the subbed video is out.

Credits: byunshintae@youtube (for the video) and tamav@soshified (for the news)