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As if our day wasn’t bombarded with excellent news and THE video, we have more news. And yes, I’m mashing the new songs news and biotherm pics into one post because I’m just THAT lazy.

First, I just snooped around yesasia, and I found out that the the other two new tracks are Echo and 별별별(☆★☆)-Acoustic RnB Version. I guess star star star was so popular that they decided to make an acoustic RnB version of it. I wonder if Echo is the music we heard in the teaser? If so, I’m excited. If not, I hope its another dark type or maybe.. old school techno!? We shall see!

Second, Biotherm photos! I went nuts over these photos… I have to admit, Yuri is a really good model. Heck, she could be in America Next Top Model, her photos totally reminds me of the cover girl head shots the girls have to do at the end of each cycle. She nailed both the one by herself and the group one at the top. Sooyoung totally rocked the tomboy look, any girl would buy the product, whether tomboyish or not because of Soo!

fany… how are your eyes so onxy?! I’d hate to say it’s contacts and lighting, but we ALL know this girl got onxy eyes naturally! However, I think I liked her back stage pics more than her print ads. Her smile just looked a bit awkward in this one. Even the one below of her putting on cream is prettier than this one…

Anyways, enjoy the rest! (And don’t ask me why there’s no solo releases of Soo, direct all your Q’s regarding this matter to biotherm, thank you!) Also, super thanks to ☆Genie, dorkiilove, and togino at soshified + biotherm for these photos!