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Who gets me?

If you did, good for you! Or you’re just some crazy stalker from thestephi.com!

According to the two fancams I just saw, SNSD is going to make another (amazing) show-up at Kim Jung-Eun’s Chocolate! In case you missed the first one where the girls splitted into teams and rocked to Womanizer, Hollaback Girls, and made teary tributes to their mothers, you can check them out >>here<<.

Just to warn you, the fancams are all fanyfancams.. I couldn’t find any other girls/group fancams.. sorry! We’ll just have to use this as a teaser while we wait for the real thing to be broadcasted! This time, two of the performances included Wannabe (Spice Girls) and Poker Face (lady gaga). These are amazing HQ fancams, so please enjoy them under the courtesy of jp8587 @ youtube.com + thestephi.com

Fancam 1 includes the girls *performing* wannabe. We’ve seen them sing it this is their first time performing it! Haha, we can see fany messing up the cheography… but then again I’d be confused too since it’s a very simple one that they probably put together in less than 2 days.

Fancam 2 includes Fany’s solo (?) of Poker Face! Can’t hear her too well but I’m sure she’ll sound hot in the broadcast!