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Were you left with wanting more after the MV?

According to allkpop’s maestro-J, our girls will be releasing a Story Version MV! This one we’ve been watching nonstop is just the dance first version!

I knew it! Well no I didn’t, but I was wondering why didn’t they finish the story? I’m sooo excited now! Not that I wasn’t satisifed with this MV. The girls were dark and sophisticated in every way, and I didn’t get an ounce of cuteness, which was exactly I had been led to anticipate!

I”m starting to love the song. You better run run run… I liked that part already 🙂 when I first heard the song… but the strong vocals coming from Tae/Sica/Seobaby are just too awesome, I’ve never heard them sing in that tone for so long before ❤