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As I’m typing this, it’s now already past 9 am of December 19th 2009 in South Korea. That means it’s less than 10 hours to go to SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour : Into the New World. It’s the D-Day, guys! Haha I still can’t believe our beloved nine girls will finally have a solo concert~

While we waiting for pictures, fancams (if any), and fan-accounts from the concert… here’s I present you a post of random updates. There’s a subbed video of the girls’ winning speech in MelOn Music Awards, recent episode of Invincible Youth, official concert goodies, Jaeson Ma twitter update, and some subbed clips for you to watch!

Melon Music Awards

^The cute picture above came along with a message from the girls’ official website staff. You can see the original message >>here<<. I’m not sure if I allowed to post SSF’s translation here, so I’ll just linked the translated staff message >>here<<. 😀

They look so  happy on that pic, don’t they? 🙂 Well, they won six awards on Melon so what else do you expect them to feel? 😛 Anyway here’s the subbed video of their 2009 Best Song winning speech — which is the most emotional one among all six acceptance speeches.

cr: toebeast2

Aww… SoShi Bond FTW! What Yuri said was so sweet of her ♥. Speaking of Yuri, apparently one of her pic on the recent 2009 Golden Disk got netizens talking. Not in the bad way, thankfully. As it was only a cute pic of her being random-self, biting the weird looking trophy.

Yuri - GDA 2009


Seriously, what are you doing, Yul? Midnight News reporters got curious too, so he asked Yuri about it.

cr: toebeast2

Look, so Yoona did just that too on 2007 Golden Disk Awards! Hmmm…
Yoona - GDA 2007


Oh, if you have read the staff message from SNSD official website I told you earlier, he/she talked about how packed the girls’ schedule is… as they have to prepare for the concert and all the year-end special stages. I myself quite dissapointed that so far, the girls “special stages” on the awards shows are pretty much recycled from what they have done earlier this year. However I hope this means there’ll be a lot of new things we’ll get to see on the concert.

Speaking of the girls’ first ever solo concert, SM Entertainment have released the concert official goodies. I’m not sure what those goodies are, but seems like they’re posters, file holders, and USB stick? The goodies are so cute and… pink. I love the chibis and all, but the products are kinda weird, imo. :X

itnw - bromide
itnw - file holder
itnw - usb flashdisk
cr: 교보문고@sosiz.net, YoonA-Ism@soshified

On yesterday Chin Chin, our kid leader Taeyeon also talked about today concert. She said, “…us Sonyuhs will do our best. The big love and attention you have given us, tomorrow we will return to you twice from what we’ve received” 🙂

cr: yuhdan

^Go subscribe to this yuhdan (a.k.a silis7noy at soompi)’s channel if you haven’t. As one of the SNSD-related main source for international fans, silis sure has contributed a lot to this fandom. Mad props to him! He also subbed some Taeyeon’s Chin Chin clips and he also recently subbed the forgotten Hyoyeon‘s solo guesting on Dong Go Dong Rak radio. Sigh. I’m really thankful that somebody finally subbed this Hyoyeon clip… the radio itself doesn’t reveal a lot of new things, but I’ve been dying to know what Hyo talked about on the radio.  She seemed rather uncomfortable being alone without her group members, but she still showed us her full-of-attitude and hilarious self ♥.

cr: yuhdan

Silis also subbed a clip of Chin Chin’s Girls Talk corner with Taeyeon, Sunny, and Park Ki-young. Those three are so funny together. Here TaeSun the danshin duo talked about how compatible they are (*giggle* oh my OTP~) . They also talked about fellow shortie Hyoyeon. Dang they reveale new things about Hyo in this one. I didn’t know Hyo is that feminine.

cr: yuhdan


Woah. Long post is long. Last but not least, here some info for you Invincible Youth lovers. If you want to watch the subbed videos of IY on YouTube, Soshified has made a new channel for it. So far there’s six subbed episodes on this channel >>here<<.

As for this week episode, you can watch the full raw show on >>Smoothy Eco<<‘s channel. (Fffff—- KBS America has claimed the videos already ;____; try this one guys >>Smiliontonto<<) I haven’t watched this episode yet, but supposedly there’s a lot of funny moments on this one. The highlights of the episode are Sunny and Hara fighting over (my favorite) beast Ok Taecyeon — in which our badass aegyo queen Sunny threatened the equally badass cutie Hara to back off from her man (*hints: 2PM’s Idol Army feat SNSD*); There’s also Yuri being all jealous seeing her ~admirer~ Kim Taewoo getting close with fellow G7 member >>Secret<<‘s Sunhwa.

A short clip from this week episode: Yuri’s lion pose

cr: MyHappyVirus

That Kwon Yuri… is such a weird kid, isn’t she? And it’s cute how she was on her jealousy rage XD

btw, if you have soompi account, vote for our girls >>HERE<< and give them 5 stars!

[UPDATE]  Jaeson Ma who’s tight with Tiffany and Sooyoung just updated his twitter.

Merry Christmas w/ Sooyoung & Tiff ^^ these sistaz are about to ROCK a sold out SNSD concert! Shine 4 GOD gals