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"Everyone loves me!"

Despite all this >>TaeYeon drama<< (which I will talk about later, since I’m late on this topic) she’s still the number one DJ!

ChinChin won the Outstanding Program Production Award for MBC Radio because of consecutive number one ratings for its time slot. Due to this achievement, MBC radio continues to be successful and keeps its avid listeners. With huge profits from advertisements and listeners, MBC thanks Taeyeon for all her hard work.

MBC Family Day’s biggest event of the year is when they switch DJs up for different events and so TaeYeon took over 2PM Date Radio. And even at a different time slot and a different name, she still got the most views! Everyone loves TaeYeon!


Okay, now that that’s out the way… let’s talk about what everyone’s been talking about. I know I’m late, I appologize. This week is… let’s just say that this week was so bad I wasn’t freaking out about the whole leader issue like everyone else was. Yes, that bad.

So now that my head’s a little clear thanks to the help of friends and that live Alicia Keys concert on Youtube, it’s time for me to share my opinion. Yay!

I personally think, and I’m not just saying this because she’s been the leader all this time, that TaeYeon’s probably the best possible leader for SNSD. She’s empathetic. Leaders need to be empathetic. Because if there’s something wrong, they’ll know how to fix it because they know how to listen to problems and empathetic people are problem solvers. So with that being said, work ethich is already on point. Everyone loves empathetic people so when is anyone ever going to go against Taeyeon’s word? When is anyone ever going to disobey or ignore her? Never.

Once someone gives you a title like leadership, you take on that role. Stuttering Stevie could be a leader if someone just told him he had to lead. It’s the power, the psychology, of the title. We all know Taeyeon hated the title, in fact, she was scared of it. But even so, because she knew she had to do it, she did it well because she’s not going to let anyone down. Leaders don’t usally do that.

So in my opinion, the magic’s (the psychology) run out. She’s losing confidence in herself again and someone needs to tell her how wonderful she is, how great of a leader she is, how no one can do it quite like her. WE NEED JUNSU errr SUNNY! Plus, Jessica‘s too busy (with Tiffany) takin’ care of bidnezz, someone needs to man the forts!

When SNSD first started out, it was always Jessica bossing everyone around, she was the untitled leader. Most likely because she had the most seniority… and cuz she da boss, she da Don. But besides that point, she stepped down and let Taeyeon do her thing and SNSD’s still all in one piece. SooYoung may know how to talk, but can you honestly see Sooyoung asking everyone how they’re feeling about something? Can you see Jessica listen to someone’s idea without complaining and pushing her own idea? (Nah, Bosses don’t negotiate :p).

Also, I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a leader. I know SNSD could and would be the exception but the fact of the matter is, if there’s a group, someone has to lead the sheep. Because she was given the title, she has to do it. If they were allowed to decide amongst themselves, then I wouldn’t doubt that Taeyeon would be the first to step back and let the others fight over it. Even with that assumption, I’d still say out of all the members and given their personality, Taeyeon would still be the best leader. All leaders may lead their pack differently, so I’m not saying if ever there was a situation where they needed a new leader it would turn out bad, but I’m saying that the style of leading TaeYeon does is probably the most ideal. She allows memebers to handle their business and act responsible, she never takes all the credit or makes it look like she does, and she still brings order, pulls everything together, and people can take her seriously.

Could you imagine if Yuri tried to bring everything to order?! If I were one of her members, I’d ask if we could discuss the matter over a game of twister! (well, slip and slide twister with the sprinklers running…. you know, since they never used that concept idea I’ve only mentioned like 10 times before…)

And to end all this, I think Taeyeon supposedly saying that she’s “stepping down as leader of SNSD” was blown out of proportion. First of all, if something liek that were to happen, it wouldn’t be said on Strong Heart. I’m sorry Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong, but you’re a new show and a variety show at that. News like that would never be reported the way it allegedly was. In my opinion, because I’ve done this many times before, the fan who was there or bloggers of Strong Heart took something that was said and made it soudn like it was something else just to get everyone’s attention. And come on, if it were real, Taeyeon or someone would’ve confirmed it even before the episode aired on TV, right?