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First off, thanks to Rizky (crazy51) for IMing me to tell me about this. Had a haert attack at first but really nothing major 🙂 This is what she wrote on the discussion board on our chat:

A fan account of upcoming Strong Heart revealed that Taeyeon said she’

s no longer the leader of SNSD. She felt so burdened being a “leader” that in the end, the other 8 let her free. So SNSD has no leader from now on.Hmm. Well, I guess it doesn’t change anything actually. Taengoo once said how she never felt like a leader and how everyone on the group lead each other in a way.


So yeah, I just hope that lil pervy dork will have less stress from now on…

No worries, she’s still in the group 🙂 But, I think it’s just me, but for snsd, I never saw the true necessity of a leader. Maybe when they were first starting out they needed it, but now that they’ve all matured and grown up as a group together, as fans we see that everyone is their own leader in a unique way. They lead each other in their own style. Like I said, it’s the title that put stress on Tae. Many people think, “oh shes the leader. she gotta do this and that and that and blah”. With the title gone, hopefully it’ll relieve her of this burden. This isn’t to say leaders are totally unnecessary. I’m sure one can argue the importance 🙂 But I think I’m so used to seeing in like the American pop culture, we never see a “leader”.
Regardless, when she WAS leader though, she did an absolute amazing job. This isnt to say shes gonna kick back and be lazy now of course 😛
I hope people don’t overanalyze this just yet. According to the Strong Heart acct Taeyeon said she was talking with the girls about hardships of being the leader and they agreed she can be free of the title, it’s not like Taeyeon stepped up and announced that she will quit you know. And we don’t know if this is something official or it’s just one simple honest talk from those girls’ 5 min sessions.


The account was out last week and soon fans started to speculate and worry like on this thread now so they decided to delete the account and asked not to pass it around, which is why I didn’t talk about it last week. I guess it got leaked again today.

I think this whole idea is more about girls saying “Hey Taengoo don’t worry we’ll all share the duties and be leaders with you together”

Another account said she didn’t talk about this as if it was a big deal so let’s not worry too much about it for now and just wait for the show~ She sang that popular carol by the way “chestnuts on the roasting fire…”

Cool. Take a breather. SOme of these comments made it sound like she jumped off the face of the earth lol. And that was from silis7noy so I’d take take their word