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Okay, fine >>Jessica said<< “main vocals” but same difference!

I haven’t watched it yet since I’m still trying to catch up on listening to my new tunes… but here’s the list real quick in case you guys didn’t know.

And for those of you who care, Oral Vocal Positions of SNSD:

TaeYeon – Main
Jessica – Leader
Tiffany – Vocal 1
Seobaby – Vocal 2
Sunny – Vocal 3
Sooyoung – Vocal 4
Yuri – Vocal 5
Yoona – Vocal 6
Hyoyeon – Vocal 7

Now, you might be confused… Okay, so the mains usually take the climax of the song, they have the most solos, and their voices are the fullets. They usually don’t need to sing their parts with anyone else unless theirs a harmony climax. Leads however, usually are the ones that get the lines that change the pace of the songs. They get the most lines (not necessarily the most solos) and if the main ever gets a harmony, it the lead is the first (sometimes the only) to chime in. In harmonies, they never usually have the main stick out (unless it’s the climax and they’re saying their own lines while everyone else is singing the same line in harmony) as much as the lead. The lead voice is usually in C while the main is more versatile and flexable, probably because they have a bigger range and stronger lungs.
Examples: Justin was the lead and JC was the main (‘Nsync). Brian was the lead and A.J. was the main (Backstreet Boys). Jaejoong is the lead and Junsu is the main (DBSK). YeEun is the lead and SunYe is the main (Wonder Girls). Lina is the lead and Dana is the main (CSJH). Geri was the lead before she left, then it became Mel B and Mel C was the main (Spice Girls). Kelly was the lead and Beyonce was the main (Destiny’s Child). Youngbae is the lead and Daesung is the main (Big Bang). Kyuhyun is the lead and Yesung is the main (Super Junior).
Tiffany and Seobaby are interchangable… Seobaby used to get more solo lines, but it seems Tiffany hass more solo lines in their newer songs. However, Seobabay does more harmonies or ‘solo’ harmonies (duets, whatever). I think they use Seobaby as the filler voice… Hence why you always hear her with either Tiffany, Jessica, or one of the lower vocalists.

So you see why Jessi is the lead of KPSD? Everything works out!

Credit: Toebeast @YT