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On the recent episode of SBS Strong Heart, the Don made a confession about her mistakes on stage. Jessica was reenacting ‘mistakes’ on SNSD performances such as flying-shoe incident on TMYW, dolphin-screaming on Gee, and the infamous sound-skipping incident on Himnae. But before the reenacments, she also revealed a secret about her… laziness.

Jessica talked about how SNSD has 9 members and they have to sing together during the chorus. As we all have known, Jessica and Taeyeon are the main singers of the group, thus they have to sing louder than the rest of the girls. She said, “This is a secret, Once in a while, I don’t sing during the chorus. I sing my own part, but when we supposed to sing together, I don’t sing.” She added, “So I want to use this chance to say apologize to Taeyeon. Taeyeon, I’m sorry.”

LOL Jessica, if this make you feel better… I tell you a little secret: Taeyeon doesn’t sing that much on chorus either. Or at least that what I recently noticed on a Taeyeon’s fancam when they were performing Chocolate Love at LG Mobile World Cup. Guh. Too bad I can’t embed the video here because Youtube has suspended the channel (protonic9’s) :////

On the clip, it was pretty obvious that not everyone sing. They kind of taking turns in singing during the chorus, which is quite interesting if they originally supposed to sing all together with no exception. All this time I thought it’s usual for them to do so, because I noticed that on the live stages the voices who dominate the chorus are keep on changing. Sometimes you’ll hear Taeyeon’s voice the most, but sometimes it’s the other lead vocals’ voice who dominates the chorus. But I guess it’s not always the lead vocals who ended up dominating the chorus, though. I’ve heard Hyoyeon sang the loudest on some Baby Baby performances (and maybe that’s because her part was right after the chorus).

[UPDATED] Found another Taeyeon’s Chocolate fancam.. but since this one is a bit too Taeyeon-focused, so it’s not really seen how they taking turns during the chorus. However it’s enough to prove that Taengoo doesn’t sing all the chorus either XD

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Haven’t seen the infamous Himnae sound-skipping incident yet? Watch the  embarassing yet hilarious clip below.

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Haha I  just can’t stand the second-hand embarassement from watching this clip XD