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If you’re a Soshified member, you probably have noticed that now SSF has more than 50,000 registered members. That number means Soshified is now the largest international site for any specific K-pop artist. Congrats to Soshified, btw. But how about the Korean fan-cafes?


It’s been revealed that SNSD’s fan-cafes in two most popular Korea portal sites, Daum and Naver, are both the biggest among fan-cafes for idol girl groups. What surprised me is, apparently their Daum fan-cafe is now even bigger than most of Korean boy bands’ out there. Number wise they are only losing to DBSK’s and Big Bang’s! :O Seems like I have underestimate the number of Korean S♥ne…

Daum fan-cafes might have free registration and what not, but it’s not easy to make an account in Daum fan-cafes. To register to Daum you need to have Korean social security number, Hanmail account, and they will even make a phone-call confirmation to verify the account. So I guess the number of Daum fan-cafes’ members can be a pretty legit way to see how many fans each idol groups has. Here’s the top 5 largest Daum fancafes of Korean Idol Groups:

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki (Yuaerubi)798,717 Cassiopea
  2. Big Bang (YGBigBang) – 379,477 V.I.P
    Big Bang___________________
  3. So Nyuh Shi Dae (Hwasooeunhwa) – 285,233 S♥ne
  4. SS501 (ss501 Cafe) – 279,023 TripleS
  5. Super Junior (Chunwheeryong) – 260,808 E.L.F
    Super Junior___________________

Note: Notice the difference of numbers between the list and the screencaps? The screen caps were taken few days ago, and the numbers in the list is the current ones (November 9, 2009). Why yes, I’m too lazy to screen caps the current ones. I have no idea how Daum fan cafes work. It’s weird that almost all the number, with the exception of  SNSD’s, are decreasing. I remember DBSK’s fan-cafe, Yuaerubi, used to have the famous 800,000 registered members… but now it “only” has about 790,000 members. Does anybody know why the numbers are decreasing?

screen caps credits: cecil@soompi