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That’s the new name fans have given for the girl group pairing of SNSD and KARA.

We’ve all seen the close relationship SNSD has with Kara, from being mentioned in their “thank yous” for their album, to hanging out with each other. Despite all the “competition” they’ve had on stage, the girls all maintain a pretty close friendship.

Recently, Nicole’s mom’s ramyun shop has garnered a lot of attention, with the many celebrity appearances at the restaurant. Located in Kangnam, SNSD is one of the many celebrities that drop by for a quick eat. Even their signatures are on display! Shows how supportive the girls are 🙂 They even dropped by with Nicole before.

I’m sure we’ll definitely see more SoKa action soon, as for now…here’s some older moments!

Anyway I could stalk forever but enjoy for now 😛