The first video I watched with SNSD, with no trouble 😀

Basically, the video talks about the VIP premiere of Rain’s movie, Ninja Assassin, in Seoul. Overall, the video just talked about Rain and the many notable celebrities that attended the premiere..had a tough time making out the chinese names for the celebs, all I got was SNSD and Lee Hyori lol. But on to the part about SNSD:

Sunny basically just said the girls were excited to see Rain’s chest. 😛 Tiffany and I think Sooyoung, were the ones who tried to cover her mouth. Then Tiffany basically said that a lot of girls like/want (sorry this translating business is a tad weird for me) Rain’s body and that its really nice and also a result of his hard work, just like the picture *points to it*

Not big news but its cool the girls appeared on the Hong Kong news that I watch daily with the grandma 😀