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Okay, enough School House of Rock for my niece and me.

So there’s a new boy group entering the Kpop biz and they go by the name of Child of Empire.  Not much is known about the group except that they’re under Star Empire Entertainment (which includes Park Jung Ah and the awesome trio, V.O.S.) and have been doing a series of guerilla concerts. So far, they’ve been doing small promotions around S. Korea, driving around town and trying to get the common folke to notice them. Since April, some of the members have slowly been coming out until they all revealed themselves in September. And as November approaches and their debut nears, the group is doing as much as they can to get some attention amongst their rookie competitors, B2ST and MBLAQ.

 The first one to guess how many members get a

…erm I’ll get back to you on what you get.

Nine! Hmm, I already see future fans trying to pair them up with the girls… I’m sure this’ll either start some kind of war or a major fan-love affair. -_- It’ll mess everything up.

Then again, I guess it’ll give me some more fun as I make up some scenarios relating to KPSD 😀

Anyway, watch the boys take on Tell Me Your Wish, Genie and Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra!

You know what’s sad? When I see boys doing these kinds of things/dances, I’m the least big phased by it. I’m so used to it that it’s no longer weird… Blame that on the Asian Entertainment industry!

I will say however that the boys did a very good job at dancing, staying in sync, and being really limber. I hope these boys start showing their manly side because I’m expecting them to do better than MBLAQ and B2ST. And after seeing SHINee’s comeback… Well…

Me (04:01:12): one of the boys in COE look really gay
sis(04:10:49): half of COE looks gay in that video 😛
Me (04:11:15): LOL just like snsd, yay!
sis(04:11:32): -_____-
Me (04:11:54): whaaa? 😀