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Damn you, communitychannel! I’m addicted to these sill blonde jokes now. But speaking of blondes…

Random information: Jessica might not kiss the male lead role (played by Kim Dong Wook… I wonder if it’s the same guy from that funny drama, My Girl…) so looks like ther will be no blood tears shead. The musical may either be in English or have English songs. Jessi or SNSD might participate in the OST for the musical.

I think I FINALLY figured out why they chose the boss for the role. I mean, it only makes sense that the Don would dye her hair. Only the coolest and baddest of the kkangpae go against the norm/rules and dye their hair! I mean, look at Hyoyeon! She was a little bad ass as a kid and dyed her hair every week LOL.

Credits: ssfsubs + codemonmonseason4 @YT, pictures @AKP