taeyeon-11With the Chuseok holidays going on right now (?right or is it around the corner? lol), the site Monkey3 conducted a poll asking netizens which celebrity they would want to take home with them for the holidays. Out of the 1,235 people that participated, Taeng won the poll with 45% of the votes.

People who chose this shorty claimed that she was lively, cute, and witty and would be wonderful to bring home to the family. Well I ain’t arguing with that statement. I’m sure parents love a nice lil sense of humor in a girl. Lee Seungki came in 2nd and Hyunjoong came in 3rd followed by Daesung, Ssandaraaaaa, and Suli.

Not bad, I’d totally take Daesung home too 🙂 Not much of a major news article but just to keep all you snsd fans in the loop!

ps. and yes, I couldn’t resist when I saw the number 3 and thought of Britney’s new single. I like the beat..lyrics freaked me out a bit but whatever. 😛

OH and from silis7noy@soompi. We know the girls are going to be apart of the SBS Big Idol Show. GIrls shall be performing gee in…PLAYBOY OUTFITS. Jk..just bunny suits but.. :O  AND AND ITNW! <33 look forward to this!