Screw comments, let’s get straight to it.

From bossa747’s twitter:
it seems like 2nd album’s coming out in early november
something very interesting will be sold soon. cannot reveal it yet.

from silis7noy commenting on this rumor:
There’s been many rumors about 2nd album release dates but this one is more credible because it was posted by a respected samchon fan. He’s the same one who brought you the first Genie mini album rumor back in May. Now early November is when the Goldie award nominees are announced, so if the 2nd album comes out too early before the nomination then Gee won’t be nominated for Goldie Daesang. He says the thing seems to be some kind of snsd goods from sm that would “turn fans into kids”

Turns fans into kids? Well I’m just so sure this is something exciting. As for the 2nd album concept:

*** RUMOR ***
SNSD new concept will be sexy with mini skirt.
Long hair: TaeYeon (with bang like in Chocolate phone cf), Jessica, YoonA, Fany and HyoYeon
Short hair: SeoHyun, Sunny, SooYoung, Yuri.
And this new concept, the girls will have various clothes to wear, like ‘Girls’ Generation’ times
But I hope this isn’t true, SeoHyun with short hair, really?

Bringin’ back the skirts?! What?! 😀 😀 But the short haired part kinda scares me. I like the Tae’s bangs thing though, personally I thought those bangs were kind of hot, made her more older lookin?

Still, all rumors. Just wanna keep everyone in the loop 🙂