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What taste like chocolate? Well chocolate of course! and what does chocolate have to do with SNSD? Well SNSD will be the new face of LG’s Chocolate phone and the promotional pictures are out and oh wow, the girls look hot ;]

Credit: protonic9@yahoo.com

will add more when i find them


The phone they are advertising actually look really cool but no dinero haha.  I’m not really digging Yuri’s and Tiffany’s hair but Taeyeon hair is wow!! she should keep her side bangs! or maybe trim it a little. haha i like her hair though! Yoona look beautiful as always and Seohyun!! omg I love her dress! She is growing up so pretty! Sooyoung picture turned out pretty as well and Jessica… ;]]] Stop killing me please 🙂

Enjoy these pictures for now!