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I’m sure most of us, if not all, has noticed Tiff’s absence for some performances and what not. Well according to this source, it might be true that Tiffany’s grandpa did pass away.

Well I guess Fany being in the States attending her grandfather’s funeral is true, according to snsdchina.
Apparently a group of fans from snsdchina went to Korea and visited Taeng’s parents’ eye-glasses shop in chunju(全州). They even got a chance to have dinner with Taeng’s parents and Haeyeon (Taeng’s sister).<<<I know they are incredibly lucky LOL
Here’s part of what Taeng’s father told them. Fany’s grandfather passed away a while ago and Fanu was very upset about that. She then left South Korea on last Thursday to attend his funeral. Arriving the States on Friday, she had to leave on the same day. (@^%#%LSM!!!!)
Well, i guess that is because she had to attend Mu Core…poor Fany ><!!!

He also mentioned that Fany is now calling them umma and abba….as well as Taeng, and would treat them as her own parents. He told them that Fany would tell them how hard the training was and so, and would always want a hug from them,especially Taeng’s mum. 

credits; eli@ssf

My condolences go out to Tiff and her family, may they get through this rough time. :\

And wait, she left the same day as she arrived? That sounds kind of rough on her, but I guess its cause of her schedules and its hard to just drop work. 

And since SMTown Concert was postponed, according to tamatron, Yuri headed off to visit her brother at the military camp. Hopefully the girls are off doing something relaxing and just enoying the day off 🙂