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Edit: Okay, obviously, I wasn’t calling Yuri a whore. I said I was making a ‘whore post’ just for her, meaning I would make a post where I can whore out just Yuri. I don’t know if I can explain it anymore than that… I guess I should stop using slang over the internet and start using ‘serious’ vocabulary.

And as for the Yuri/Yoona/Tiffany thing…. *giggles* I’ll just say that some of you have it right.


Okay fine, I’ll stop. It’s not nice to laugh >>at the sick.<< Sorry Yuri!

But so that Yuri can forgive me I’ll dedicate yet another whore post just for her. Jeez, how many of these do we have?

Anyway, all the credits to Tama Mama @JPHIP

This OT3 is everywhere…

I saw that, Yuri!

I saw that, Yuri!

<- LOL guess Tiff doesn’t like the smell of Yoona

And to end this all… >>FULL IMAGE<<