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Cindy(12:33:15): Girls just pre-recorded Music Bank, it seems. Looks like the “special stage” is going to be Boyfriend

Cindy(12:33:17): OMG

Cindy(12:33:21): WISH COME TRUE?!

Me (12:34:02): BOYFRIEND?! OMGAZ

Me (12:34:07): where’s that info from?

Cindy(12:34:15): Aefeq2#$^1cFHS

Me (14:04:47): do you have a hot pic of Taeyeon?

Me (14:05:38): or gifs of her shaking her bum? I need some for a post

Cindy (14:22:53): hehhe taec updated his twitter

Cindy (14:22:55): hmmmm

Cindy (14:22:57): lemme dig

Me (14:32:55): CINDY!!

Me (14:33:02): HO MY GOD

Cindy (14:33:04): ?

Cindy (14:33:10): if it gonna stress me out.

Cindy (14:33:10): dont tell me

Me (14:33:13):

Cindy (14:33:15): LOL

Me (14:33:16): LOL!!!! shut up

Me (14:33:24): i don’t stress you out with my lovely things beetch

Cindy (14:33:26): OH MY GODDDDDDD

Cindy (14:33:27): OH MY GODDD

Me (14:33:37): ….HO MY GOD

Cindy (14:33:39): SWEET LORD. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Me (14:33:48): …..Wtf no “Give it to me” intro?! That’s like the best part! How will the boys know to give it to them?!

Cindy (14:33:58): oh i dont mind leaving that part out

Cindy (14:34:02): are u posting this

Me (14:34:04): Yes.

Cindy (14:34:09): k good

Me (14:34:12): ho mah gaz.

Cindy (14:34:14): i have to do this crap

Cindy (14:34:17): o my god

Me (14:34:24): i am so happy.

Me (14:34:27): like seriously.

Me (14:34:54): ……………………………….that was fucking short.

Cindy (14:37:14): it was

Cindy (14:37:16): 😦

Cindy (14:38:38): so dude, when utook the act., did u prep for it

Me (14:43:39): like once… for 15 mins lol then my ‘study partner’ (aka friend) and I decided to do other things instead.

Cindy (14:43:49): lol

Me (14:49:30): I heard Junho started to use twitter too

Me (14:49:53): teehee Teac and Junho<3 my two faves. I don’t even like Rain and although Junho looks like him, he’s still my favorite.


Wishes are indeed short lived. Anyway, there you have it- a preview of a very anticipated performance and A.D.D. fangirl-talk.

The girls are wrapping up their goodbye stages for Tell Me Your Wish Genie and I was super psyched about the girls performing Boyfriend just like >>I had hoped<< they would since the album first came out. But like all of SNSD’s performances recently, they disappointed me T_T

Either way, I love the lyrics to this and 2NE1‘s >>Pretty Boy<<. These two are like my ultimate songs-about-boys because I pretty much relate to the lyrics.

Credits: Zippomaru1 + Anneth021 @YT