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Sunny‘s >>first contender<< is none other than Sungmin. But will he pass the test?

Everyone knows about >>Sunny and Sungmin’s history<< and just the other day, I informed you of >>Sunny’s wish<< that put all the fanboys, samchoon fans, and Taeyeon some girls on high alert.

Not long after that, seems like yet another accusation of Sunny and Sungmin’s interesting relationship was brought up again. Because of the rising popularity of MBC‘s Oppa Band, Sungmin, who has gained much attention from this project, accepted an interview in a small cafe in Korea conducted by IBT News.

It was early in the morning on the 7th when the interviewer got straight to the point in the first part of his interview.

Q: Are you working out for Sunny?

The interview started off with Sungmin denying all allegations about relationships once again and stated that he’s not the type to try and gain attention from women. In other words,  he doesn’t do things for women but for himself or his personality and appearance isn’t something that attracts women naturally. He explained himself by saying that he’s quite shy on TV, especially when he’s (overshadowed by) with the other 12 members of Super Junior. He continued to say that he wasn’t the only member trying to shape up and that his work out buddy is Eunhyuk.

But that’s not where his fitness ends! Sungmin noted that he’s a 3rd degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. Sungmin, you pretty much qualify for what I said earlier!

...Yeah, I know flippers. Sigh, Asian shows still surprise me sometimes.

...Yeah, I know flippers. Sigh, Asian (variety) shows don't surprise me sometimes.

The reporter, upon hearing this, asked if he showed off his fitness to Sunny. If not for other women, then it’s got to be for the girl he had a scandal with, right? But good-boy ‘Minnie’ denied it and said that he feels wrong about the whole thing. Hmm, is it Uncle Lee Soo Man or her Daddy who had some mysterious work in Kuwait?

He turned red,

At that time, what I said on that program caused misunderstandings and added on to rumors. So when I returned home, I immediately called Sunny to explain and she jokingly replied, ‘If you like me, I would like you to tell me directly.’ But I also promised to buy her food, but I haven’t yet haha.

Yeah Sungmin, admitting to take her out for a dinner date totally makes you more innocent.

Okay, if you cant handle Sungmin all over Sunny, just focus on her ASSets instead.

Okay, if you can't handle Sungmin "all over" Sunny, just focus on her ASSets instead.

Thanks to Pooltides for the tip!