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It’s no surprise that the Don is the one who is gaining the most focus amongst the girls these days. Don Jess doesn’t get her title for nothin’, does she?

Just recently, SNSD as a whole has been appointed as Korea’s public ambassadors for 2009’s Incheon World City Festival. For 80 days (till October 25th) the nine girls will be conducting public affairs to fill this role. It began with the release of their second Incheon CF and it will continue from there.

With these global affairs, SNSD was invited to KBS2‘s Global Beauty Girl on August 10th. The theme for the day being being ‘Mi Su Da’. The beautiful girls who have been wanting to meet SNSD for some time now met them at Incheon for the festival.

During their appearance, the representative beauty of China, Eun Dongleung,  stated that  of all nine of  the SNSD members, she thinks Jessica has the most appealing features to Chinese men.

MC Nam Heesuk asked Eun why she chose Jessica and answered, “Chinese men are most attracted to ‘foxy’ looking women.

Don Jess replied smugly and laughed, “I’ve been told I look like a fox a few times.”

Foxy? Indeed.

Oh yeah, Jess gets da ladies.

MC Nam Heesuk then told Jessica, “Being popular in China means that over 700 million people likes you.” Surely, Jessica is leading the girls into this global affair with her many followers.

The rest of the show contained games and fun with the global beauties (and I don’t mean SNSD), whom participated in various activities such as arm wrestling, playing limbo, dancing, and imitating each other.

Here’s a preview of their summer special that SNSD appeared in:

Credit: Prot0908 @YT