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I found some more information about the >>Tell Me Your Wish, Genie‘s<< original version.

Since the promotions of Gee, SM Entertainment has been releasing dance shot versions of their MVs for SNSD and Super Junior. However, for SNSD’s latest song Tell Me Your Wish Genie, SM Ent released no such thing and left fans wanting more.

Instead, they released a rehearsal video of the said comeback song that was recorded 18 days (on June 8th) before the set release. The girls were decked out in their work out/dance practice wear and in sneakers!

The video had been the top searched and top viewed video in Korea when it released. It easily earned tens of thousands of views on Youtube from international fans. And the one thing people commented about? The obvious changes in choreography and in song.

…I like this way better. Then again, I like sneakers better for dancing too :T But I guess doing some of these moves would look weird on heels so they changed it up.
I’m totally liking this version of the song… maybe better than the original?

If anyone bothers to pay attention, I’m one for sneakers. As much as I love the sexy dance in heels, I still believe most dances can look cooler with the proper footwear. Not to mention I don’t want any of the girls breaking a foot… again. And I don’t know what it is but maybe after being slightly disappointed with this comeback, I found this ‘original’ version a lot more appealing.

All of SM Ent artists and groups video tape practices, especially of themselves before comeback or debut, so it can be sent to Lee Soo Man. Though it’s pretty obvious why they do this, it’s interesting to note that SNSD seems to be the group that goes through many changes when trying to come out with something new. I wonder why… They have always changed or have redone things countless times before finally debuting it in public. Must be stressful :T

Credits: Prot0908 @YT