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While I was on my hiatus, our Boss Lady posted >>a quote<< from a friend of ours (Tama Mama) that gained quite the response. Now, I’m sort of outdated on my SNSD and Kpop news but I tried to keep up with as much as I could. It’s hard really, considering that I don’t visit forums often and there aren’t many people I can talk to who are well versed in the Kpop industry but I wanted to share my view on this topic because I feel as though fans (SNSD and SM) and readers may have misunderstood some things. Along with my views, I’ll also post in some other information from two others.

In response to the information Tama Mama gave Cindy:

I’ve been keeping up with all these SM cases [as much as I can] lately and talking to some outside sources who know Lee Soo Man and his family personally. And honestly, I think fans are not taking some things into account. The celebrities have never themselves complained about pay or how they’re living. They all love what they do at the end of the day, as tiring as it is. And underpaid? These celebrities will never have to work another day in their life once they leave the business, as long as they don’t waste their money. They never have to spend a dime of what they’re making (unless they’re starting businesses on the side like Yoochun or think of selling some of their stocks and shares that they own. Wouldn’t surprise me if Queen B [BoA] does, she owns over 100,000 and that was said around 2007 or 2008) because the company pays for everything.

Those name brand apparels they’re wearing, the food they eat, the expensive drinks they buy, the cars they drive, the fancy housings they live in, the accessories they own/use, the vacations they go on… that’s all paid for them for as long as they work. And the money they earn piles up without being touched. If people are complaining about it not being enough, people don’t take into consideration the endorsements that they’re paid which most of the time aren’t even included in sales earnings.

And the reason for that ratio and why it doesn’t freak me out is because people don’t realize who has to be paid before the artists. Even here in America, the artists are last to be paid! It’s nothing new! Yeah, it may not be as much as what American artists look they’re making but… Korea isn’t America. It’s not that expensive of a country honestly. You go grocery shopping and only spend 50 bucks? A nice meal can be eaten under 10, sometimes 5 bucks? Yoona survived with 20 dollars a week when she was a trainee and she didn’t have a problem. Oh yeah, when i say ‘bucks/dollars’, I mean USD.

We all see SM artists, how/where they live, and what they eat and wear… Fans should know what it’s like to be an artist under these training companies, I’m sure our girls as well as the rest of their co-workers know as well and so did their PARENTS. So now, they go about busy lives because they wanted it. 

Anyway, before i take up all my freetime here… It’s no surprise to me about Taeyeon, Jessica, and Yoona (though…15 years? no one’s ever stayed that long in a company before…) having such lengthy contracts. However, Tiffany has the ability to leave after SNSD disbands? I find that surprising. I understand Seobaby, she most likely wants to go to school or pursue another career, and dancers don’t really have much to do unless they can train their vocals some more (no offense on Hyoyeon).


Owaranai_sLaVe (Me) @JPHIP

I think there’s a new article out (or is it also a rumour?) that says that Yoona‘s contract is 13 years. I think it depends on when she signed this. Was it when SNSD debuted or when she started working, coz she did start way before the others and if you take those years in, it might just be as long as some who signed right when the group debuted.

And I agree with you, Maria. And fans also only think about their beloved artists and forget that the company has to pay for everything else too, not just artists.

 –Tamatron (Tama Mama) @JPHIP


 >>FULL (clearer) IMAGE<<

 –Maki Kanatsu @JPHIP

 I hope that shed some light into this much talked about issue. Input, anyone?