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[NOTE: News includes Inkigayo Mix & Match Special, Project Girl Group Performance, Music Core Special Stage, & SMTOWN Live 09 Postponement]

It’s sad to say that >>the list near the bottom of the previous post, was A LIE!! & was apparently made by a fan<< (Sorry for the false news). I was actually looking forward to it. But that’s okay, because the girl group special is still happening and they will be performing Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and 2PM’s “Again & Again” for the Summer Break Special. There will be VTR ‘Chat of the Young Girls’ too, in which the 5 teams [SNSD, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, and 2NE1, are to send out their representative(s) for this special VTR filming ; about 1-2 members are selected from the team, for the VTR filming.]

Furthermore, there will be a “Project Girl Group” on Sunday, including 2PM’s Wooyoung & Taecyeon [Inki’s MCs] and SHINee’s Key & Taemin. There’s suppose to be another member, but he/she (doubt it’s a she) is staying anonymous to build up hype for the performance. As for what they will be performing, the girls’  “Genie/Tell Me Your Wish“. I bet it’s gonna be cute and funny at the same time.

There was also news released about tomorrow’s Music Core. Seems like there will be a bunch of special stages and the girls’ are one of them. They will be performing Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” as well as “Genie/Tell Me Your Wish” so look forward to it :}

Continuing with more news,

SMTOWN Live 09 is postponed. Supposedly, it was held on August 16th, but now it’s been pushed back indefinitely.
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SM Entertainment announced on the 7th, “With the lawsuit filed by the 3 DBSK members, we are unable to go ahead with the planned concert. We have no alternative but to postpone it indefinitely.”

The annual SMTOWN Live concerts have always been a show of strength and unity from everyone under SM Entertainment. But judging from the present situation, it just ain’t happening. SM Entertainment added, “Tickets were sold out immediately after it was out on sale and we thank everyone for their support. We even specially allocated family and handicapped seats for those who had wanted to enjoy the concert with their friends and family. We are sorry for bringing this unfortunate news to everyone. We will try to present a better SMTOWN Live in future for our supporters.”

Refunds can be processed through GMarket ticketing website or calling 1566-5702.

– coolsmurf@Allkpop

Source: bug@Soshified, Allkpop, & Daily K Pop News.