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Yeah, so this is the “better” present that I owe you now that youg ot the payback you deserved with that stupid possum.

To everyone else: Meh, I wasn’t planning on posting this here but the chat wanted me to… I owe this sorta mini-series to Cindy.

Consider this…Stories within a story. You’ll have to piece them together if you really want to comprehend everything. However, if you’re too lazy, you can consider them short stories revolving around the same plot. Yes, I know how to construct stories and organize them, but I thought this would be fun. Something unorganized such as this is actually a lot easier for me to write because I’m not running on a set timeline…. Something that’s already planned out for me, forcing me to write chronologically while I have other ideas already flooding me is what keeps me from writing. That and I’m a major slacker…
So consider this X fantabulous one shots or a short story because each one is centered around its own plot. Because hey, if I never finish it, at least you got X one shots from me! And IF I DO finish it, then you get one really backwards story.The story is split into two arcs… so here’s the first one~

A Little Too Late

Talk More, Sleep Less: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It had only been ten minutes since her conversation with Yoona and already she was beginning to rethink this. If it was one thing Jessica was good at, it was getting nervous. She thought she had overcome it in her prepubescent years but every once in a while, the confidence she built up would disappear right when she needed it.

“So much for ‘fight or flight’” she thought to herself as she wandered across the street, following the crowd that waited for the crossing signal. The café where she and Yoona had shared their ‘pep talk’ with a side of morning coffee was just a little more than fifteen minutes on foot, however, it took less time for Jessica to walk herself over to the high-rise apartments than to muster the courage to get there. She had been so determined to stay focus on what she wanted to say that she kept her eyes on the ground and let her legs take her where she wanted- needed, to be.

The next thing that Jessica heard was the bell, signaling her arrival at the ninth floor. She paused for a second, partly because she didn’t realize she had already made it this far and the other part, wondering how she managed to get herself there without even exhaling. Nearly having to jump out before the doors closed on her again, she released the air she had been suffocating herself with and looked around. There was no one in sight, save for the menacing white doors that seemed to taunt her to move forward.

The easy part, getting to apartment number 9023, was over but the hard part was going to be knocking on the door. She knew it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to come out of the blue. Then again, maybe it was for the best so neither of the two could run away. Jessica wasn’t known for the spontaneous type, in fact, her lack of originality was sometimes the core problem, but at least she was when she needed to be taken seriously.

It took several knocks on the door and one obnoxious ring at the doorbell for her to hear some feedback on the other side. Whatever happened, didn’t sound like it was pleasant as the response came in form of a thud and a reaction that followed it was not pretty. Soon after however, the door slowly crept open, revealing a still recovering Tiffany with her face slightly contorted. It only lasted a moment before the door swung, revealing the sun-lit apartment, and Tiffany’s face changed to a more alert expression, most likely surprised at the sudden visitor.

Jessica quickly cleared her throat after taking note of the awkward silence they shared.

“Uhh, Tiffany! Hi!” was the only thing she could spit out in such and discomforting situation. She quickly followed it with a goofy giggle that only Tiffany had ever heard as she waited for a response.

“Je- Jessica?” Tiffany gave her unannounced guest a confused but slightly shocked look, but quickly changed it as she noticed a hint of blush on Jessica’s face. “What, um, what are you doing here so early?” It was only six minutes past 8 o’clock on Jessica’s Sunday off, a rare occasion, where she’d usually be spending her time still in bed. Jessica may have been an adult now with responsibilities at 25 years old, but sleeping in was still her favorite past time.

“Uh… um…” She fumbled on her words, as she tried to come up with a logical explanation. For a split second, she wondered if it was obvious that she had been lacking sleep when suddenly she noticed that all that time she wasted on pondering instead of avoiding the people she rudely collided into on the way over made her realize that she had nothing to say. And just when she thought she knew where to start, her focus suddenly changed to Tiffany’s questioning appearance. Instead of a simple reason, she asked a question instead, “Why is your top opened?” as she looked at the said location. It was almost hard to look away from Tiffany’s nicely developed body. It’s not like she would deny staring even if she could, it was almost mesmerizing.

Tiffany looked down quickly, noticing her exposed laced bra. Once again she was overcome with shock as she left the door wide open for Jessica to come in. She turned around, not wanting to show anymore of her now flushed face as she buttoned her blouse up. Noticing the rest of her body, she didn’t quite remember how she lost her skirt but at least she still had her top on.

“Take a seat, I’ll be back in a bit.” Tiffany called out as she quickly ran inside her already slightly opened door and searched for anything she could wear to look presentable. As soon as she spotted the jeans that she left hanging on her desk chair, just a few inches from the room entrance, she slipped it on and quickly walked back out without bothering to completely close the door behind her. She was deaf to the sound of the cabinets and cups being set in the kitchen as she quickly buttoned her jeans. Tiffany took a quick glance in the mirror across the apartment where the guest bathroom was left open, fixing stray hairs and her wrinkled button up blouse. When she turned around to her right to face the kitchen, she found Jessica seated at the kitchen table, glasses of water already set for the both of them. Tiffany smiled awkwardly at Jessica after seeing what lay before her; at least they weren’t acting like complete strangers to each other.

“So uh, I’ve been trying to call you,” Jessica began, “but I only got in contact with your voicemail. The calls are pretty boring; it usually starts with me awkwardly asking questions and ends in silence. Then last night, last night it just went straight to your voicemail. Did you have your phone turned off?” She was hoping that her joke didn’t come off as rude or sarcastic but she wanted to ease the air in the room. “Is everything okay? Are you ignoring me?”

Jessica’s last question almost came in an uneasy whisper. It seemed so unreal, her sounding like the needy one. She had always been the well composed and unshaken of the two. Never had she doubted herself, Tiffany, or their relationship. Never was she the one to ask those silly couple-like questions that if answered incorrectly, would result in a ‘time-out’. And never was she so uneasy about her relationship with Tiffany that she felt so sickly with her own interrogations.

These questions pained Tiffany but there was no way she could answer them without looking like a complete jackass. But now that she thought about what Jessica said, she never did turn her phone off on her, she knew how cruel that would be to the other given their situation. She must’ve lost signal last night but that was the last thing Tiffany wanted to change the topic to and explain since she herself could barely remember preceding events aside from the never ending alcoholic beverages and loud tambourines. So instead she answered the latter.

“It’s… it’s not that I wanted to, you know? I just.” She paused for a moment, trying to explain her white lie carefully. “I just needed some time to think. After you said those things to me, I just didn’t know what to say. It’s not exactly easy for me-”

“I didn’t mean to-” Jessica quickly drew some air in to restate. “If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have sai-”

This time, Jessica was cut off. However, it wasn’t because of Tiffany but the loud creek coming from her room. The two girls turned their attentions to the direction of the room, waiting expectantly for another sound and hoping it wasn’t some ghost they were hearing. They stared at each other; Tiffany waiting for Jessica to say she kicked the wall or something along those lines, Jessica waiting for Tiffany to tell her about a new pet or maybe a rodent problem. Nothing happened as they both waited in anticipation for the next sound, each resisting any sudden movements.

When no one spoke up, Jessica whispered as she lowered herself closer to the table and Tiffany turned her body back around, “Did someone st…” She could barely finish the thought knowing that it’d break her heart, “Is there someone else here?”

Just like Jessica, Tiffany too lowered herself, making the space between them a foot and a half apart.

“No…” was all Tiffany could say as she tried to think while she answered. There were endless possibilities as she attempted to backtrack but there was no hope. Her mind was at a blank and it was probably for the better that she answered her girlfriend as best she could. She made a mental note to herself, “Alcohol equals blackout. Blackouts equal bad. Bad equals stupid. Therefore, I equal stupid. Tiffany. Stop. Being. Stupid.”

Seconds later, the girls shot up from their sitting positions. They heard another creek, followed by another and another until it finally ceased.

“These wooden floors are beginning to creep me out,” the said owner of the apartment thought out loud. Tiffany stared at the wall that was across from her bedroom as she tried to listen for more, imagining only the worst possibilities. She was hesitant to look directly behind her where the door to her room lead to whatever was making those unfamiliar noises.

“Stay here, I’ll go and check it out.” Jessica said as she got up. She just had to face the truth first. If Tiffany had already moved on already, if she had scared her off so easily, Jessica just had to know for herself.

Tiffany slowly turned her body counterclockwise to follow Jessica’s every step and observed her cautiously walking toward the source. She inched her body as far as she could over her chair to watch as Jessica, Tiffany not really wanting to get up from behind the wall that separated her kitchen and her bedroom. The suspense seemed to last a lifetime and it was killing her. She wanted to believe that she was innocent, that no one else was here but the two of them. In fact, Tiffany needed to believe it if she still wanted a chance to fix the relationship. It was true that Jessica had been at fault for their current status, however, their problems could hit a-whole-nother dimension if whatever or whoever was in that room was going to sabotage all hopes of a recovery.

As Jessica neared, she could see some of the already familiar room. The door wasn’t open much, but she saw the bottom right corner of the bed and the dresser that lay at the head on the side that she would have been sleeping on if it hadn’t been for her stupid mouth. She held her breath as she finally took hold of the doorknob, hoping for the best but fearing for the worst. And just before she could push the door back any further to reveal the remaining contents of Tiffany’s room, she stared back at a familiar face.

Her best friend stood before her in a rather questionable stance. Yuri was posed momentarily frozen, one leg off the ground before her and back hunched forward, leaning for the doorknob. She had in her hands the rest of her misplaced clothes that should have been worn on her body. Her blouse was completely unbuttoned, exposing her entire torso and the jeans she wore, and in her hands were her jacket, badge, and work heels. Something was obviously not right.

The two of them stood speechless as the culprit straightened herself up and stared at Jessica before her. She quickly added an innocent grin before obviously emitting the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ expression any further.

“Jessica! Mornin’! What brings you here…to your… girlfriend’s apartment? Bet you’re wonderin’ why I’m here, ha ha ha, undressed and in her room. Funny story really, but that’s something I can save for later! Bye! See you at work!”

A million thoughts raced through Jessica’s mind, all of which were incoherent. But as busy as her mind felt, she couldn’t help but feel numb; empty. She’d known Yuri for as long as she could remember, even longer than Tiffany. To her, Yuri was the one person she could trust, even more than her own sister. And Tiffany, her girlfriend since college. The three of them together had been friends since Tiffany moved to Korea and since then, they had formed an unbreakable string of trust.

“Yuri?” At the mention of her name, Yuri almost stopped as she quickly zoomed around Jessica. If she hadn’t tried to escape so quickly, she would have noticed Jessica’s mixed expressions of disbelief and pain.

What got her to stop completely were the questions that flew in the air at both her sides.

“Did you-” Jessica attempted asked behind her, only to be cut off by Tiffany.

“Did we-” Tiffany asked in a more uneasy tone.

“Oh, us? Pssh.” Yuri cut the both of them off before such an obvious question was asked, hitting the air before her for added dramatic effect. She turned her head to Tiffany and chuckled, “Ah no sweetie. Sadly for you, we never went there. Though, if it’s okay with Jessica, maybe next time we could sch-“


The next mention of her name from her noticeably concerned friend had her turning around quickly. As a result of such a quick motion, her cell phone that she kept in her jacket flew out in a sling-like affect. It slid across the floor, near Jessica’s feet, stopping when it lost momentum.

Before Yuri could reach for the device, Jessica bent over and grabbed it, activating the touch screen phone, and lighting up her hand. A picture appeared on the background that dramatically slowed her down to an upright position. Without saying a word, she turned her hand over to look at Yuri, her expression asking for yet another explanation.

“Oh…that… That, Tiffany can explain,” and with that, Yuri retrieved her phone from Jessica’s limp grasp.

Both heads turned to the kitchen table as soon as Yuri dodged yet another awkward moment. It was obvious that either Yuri was hiding something or like Tiffany, knew nothing about the photo of the two of them evidently too close for comfort, wearing the same outfits they both, for the most part, woke up in.

“I can explain.” Tiffany spoke up suddenly through the tense silence. Her throat felt dry and her voice cracked as she hummed out incoherent words. She felt the two staring at her, making her grow uncomfortable as she realized she spoke too soon and had nothing else to say.

Seconds passed, maybe a minute, before Yuri broke the ice again with her handy quick-witted ways.

“Uh, so who wants breakfast?”

“Breakfast?” A yawn sounded from the guest bathroom from across the room, causing three heads to turn.

That’s What She Said, But Never Assume

Taeyeon kept her hands at the back of her hips, forcing them forward as she stretched her back. Like everyone else, she had a rough night but thankfully for Jessica, still had all her clothes intact. She looked around the room of confused faces and blinked, still not understanding why everyone stared at her like they’ve never seen her before.

The shortest of the four stepped closer to join the trio and looked at each one before stopping again at Yuri.

“Hey, is that my phone?”

Yuri looked down at her hand, although knowing the answer to Taeyeon’s second question. She looked back up at her and noticed an identical phone in Taeyeon’s possession.

“Mmm… no, yours…” before Yuri could finish, Taeyeon looked at her own hands to where Yuri pointed and the other two stared.

“Oh.” Without another word, Taeyeon searched her phone and raised an eyebrow. “Twenty-two messages… One from Sunny and…” she looked up at Jessica who was occupied with following dust bites that floated in front of her while trying to ignore the sudden heat in her cheeks.

Yuri cleared her throat now that she properly buttoned up her blouse and wore her heels. No one had noticed that she had walked across the room and propped herself on the kitchen counter. The four of them now formed an odd shaped trapezoid.

Tiffany and Jessica both stared at Yuri for a while in silence till Jessica fixed her attention back to Taeyeon who was about finished skimming through all twenty-one of Jessica’s messages.

Between Yuri and Tiffany, nothing was said, both not even trying to sort out any of their confusion. Instead , Yuri looked down at her heels and Tiffany hid her face between both hands as she rubbed at her temples. In the mean time, Taeyeon returned Jessica’s curious stare with a better understanding of the situation although she secretly hoped this had nothing to do with Tiffany and Jessica’s recent love quarrel.

“I’m sorry to tell you Sica, but nothing much happened last night. The four of us- Sunny, me, Yuri, Tiffany, and some others from work- just went to the karaoke bar end had a few drinks. We took some pictures,” Taeyeon looked down at her phone and flicked her thumb to the right as she skimmed through her album with a smile when she realized most of them were of Sunny, “and called it a night as soon as the most of us were too wasted to lift another drink. I sobered up enough, drove these two here, and I must’ve fell asleep in the bathroom.”

Before Jessica could respond, Yuri’s phone rang, startling them all. The tune to Dark Vader’s theme, The Imperial March, continued to ring while everyone watched her. She shuffled to get it out of her tight jeans this time and answered the call without even bothering to look at who it was, already knowing.

“Yes chief. I’ll,” Yuri retracted the phone from her ears and winced, “…I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Though she knew the boss wasn’t quite done yet, she tried to convince her that she wouldn’t wake up three hours late again.

As soon as she hung up, Yuri announced her leave. She gathered her jacket and badge that she settled on the table and gave Tiffany a wry smile when she looked up. She then looked at Taeyeon and Jessica both, licking her lips before saying another word.

“Chief Choi?” Taeyeon asked.

“Yeah, I completely forgot I had a shift.”

“I’ll take you. The station’s on the way home and you left your car at the club.”

The four of them moved from their spots and headed for the door. Once Yuri and Taeyeon were on the other side, leaving Jessica and Tiffany in, they said their goodbyes. Taeyeon lingered however, allowing Yuri to wait for the next vacant elevator, and gave a wry smile intended for Jessica in a form of secret understanding and hope for the best. The two returned it and Taeyeon turned to follow after Yuri.

Jessica and Tiffany waited till they could no longer hear the oddly loud conversation, or rather loud interrogation, Taeyeon and Yuri shared as soon as the elevator doors had shut. When the air once again filled with silence, Tiffany looked at Jessica, wondering why she stayed behind and what she would say next about the entire morning.

Jessica didn’t say anything for a while, looking as if she was much more interested in the high-class apartment hall’s new carpet than she was with tending to Tiffany’s curiosity.

“I love you, Tiffany.”

The sudden interruption of Tiffany’s thoughts with the already known statement made her head snap back to Jessica’s cheek. She had heard these words before, and repeated them exactly, if not more. But it felt much different now that Jessica couldn’t even look her in the eyes and say it. Jessica continued to look down and tried to ignore Tiffany staring at the only visible side of her face.

“I know Jess, but then you mention San Francisco out of nowhere, freaking me out, and we didn’t even discuss anything yet. I didn’t know what to say, and then I panicked, and you freaked, but I-”

“Just know,” Jessica began again, as she stood up straight from the door frame. “I still love you.”

Tiffany watched her walk down the hall, not even turning once, and left her to think for once before speaking.

Drunk Tae!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my first fic in…forever. I owe this to Cindy and I had to whip something up/finish this up during my little hiatus just for her.

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