credits; silis7noy at soompi

Jessica, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun recorded Star Golden Bell yesterday, something like an idol special, with Kara, Shinee, 2PM

Also a rumor that yesterday girls recorded Hello Baby with 2PM all 7 members so they could be the next guest dads. Supposedly HB was only to be a few part series but due to high ratings they expanded it to full 9-10 part series but KBS might be thinking of extending it still more. KBS will start HB reruns on a different cable channel prime time this Saturday with bonus “HB X-file” clips

Girls also shot KBS Global Talk Show at the Incheon Festival. Will JeTi talk English with the foreign beauties? Airs on 10th.

Since the girls are ambassadors for that Incheon Festival they are running a “Date with SNSD” event. Winners get invited to Incheon festival on Aug 20th and get guided personally by SNSD. Lucky Korean fans

Since DJ Jinoo did the IDC remix so maybe we’ll see a TMYW remix instead of him working on the new album

2nd anni fanmeeting was planned but with SM’s troubles I guess it’s cancelled now… and no bday party for Fany… but they did give her a bday party during Music Core shooting.


Shame no birthday party or fan meeting 😦 

I think the rumor about 2pm working with SNSD on Hello Baby got me hollering like a fan girl..!!! It’s great to see an snsd show finally boom in the ratings. And about the date…whoever wins..is so frickin lucky.