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snsd 67The group of SNSD turns 2! Seems like yesterday when Girls Go to School first came out and the fans were just starting to get to know the girls. It’s amazing how much a group can grow, develop, and mature each and everyday, whether it be in their singing or their personalities, all for the better of course.

Debuting with ITNW with their white mini skirts (probably my most favorite attire was the skirt and dress shirt w/ a tie), then switching it up for Girls Generation with their oversized sweaters embellished with their names, moving onto to the cutesy song Kissing You with the lollipops (which Taengoo had that infamous accident of her lolli flying away). After the lollipops, in came Baby Baby, the pop song that Tiffany favored most off of their first album. After a long 9 months, with fans still standing by, the girls made their amazing comeback with the catchy song Gee, winning the Music Bank award 9 weeks straight. The hit song stirred up many parodies and started a fashion trend of colorful, skinny jeans. Talk about the influence these girls have on Korea. And as of now, they’re promoting the much more sexy concept song, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). Each single has helped show the fans a different side to the girls, whether it be in concept or their voices. Some might have started off a tad weak in ITNW but over time, we see much more stronger vocals coming out and they’re still improving each day. Now that’s a group dedicated to their work.

Even though being in the entertainment industry is tough, SNSD seems to never fail to crack a smile for the fans, on or off stage. That’s what makes them so great, they aren’t afraid to show their true sides and act silly for the camera. Not only that, but the bond they have with each other is amazing to see too. 9 siblings as they would call each other. With a relationship like this…i can see snsd going a long way for years to come.

All the fans wish you ladies a happy second anniversary and we hope for even bigger, better anniversaries to come! Please don’t overwork yourselves and try to get some sleep like Jess 😛 We stand by you no matter how rough the road gets and we look forward to all your future projects!


Well, that was the message to the girls. here’s something for the readers to celebrate the second anniversary with! We have..pretty much everything in this post.

Debut stage

My gosh..babiess! ❤ So cute.

Let’s talk about..awards! Lets thank soshimmy for the videos and what awards were won.

High1 Music award and best new singer award were won here. We’ll find the presentations soon hehe

Golden Disk

100th Mnet Countdown

9th win for Gee (thanks to Julayyy)

First win for KY

This was also the performance where they were rushing to perform, got into a car accident. These were the tears that I have to say, shook fans too.

Soofany’s favorite performance

Will add more videos later. Time for eye candy!





crazy51 has this in her gallery section as a desktop bg. currently mine 🙂

I just remembered a certain perf..

Ohhh hurry hurry noww!


Now, since it is SNSD 2nd anniversary, I’m sure all the fans have something memorable to say bout the girls so here’s the “interactive” section of the post. Feel free to answer the questions Maria came up with!

1. How did you come across SNSD? First reaction? What member caught your attention first?
2. Current favorite member and why.
3. How do you think snsd has evolved over the years? What do you want to see more from snsd in the future?
4. Why does this girl group stand out for you? What makes them different?
5.  Anything else you want to throw in, whether it be comments/pictures/videos/etc.

I’ll probably end up an anniversary part 2 post since I feel like there’s still so much more stuff to share so check back to the blog often!

Just wanna give a big thanks to the team for helping compile the pictures and videos and maria (whos on break) come up with questions!